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Ecocide are activities that substantially damage or destroy ecosystems, or that harm the health and well-being of a species, including humans. Only a few nations have codified ecocide as a crime.



Page nameDescription
Deepwater HorizonAn ecologically disastrous oil spill
Depleted uraniumDepleted uranium is a toxic substance that better had been prohibited by international treaties decades ago, but American generals don't want to give up this capability.
Fashion industry
GlyphosateA herbicide heavily promoted by Monsanto, increasingly being agreed to be a carcinogen.
Superfund sites
Water/FluoridationMarketed as an anti-tooth decay improvement, there is increasing evidence that the fluoridation of water may have a range of deleterious effects upon the brain (e.g. lowering IQ) and may actually not have much affect on tooth decay. The academic community was for a long time extremely hostile to anyone who challenged this practice.


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