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LeaderPrime Minister of Estonia
Jüri Ratas.jpg
Incumbent: Jüri Ratas
Since 23 November 2016
Typenation state
Member ofNATO, OECD
SubpageEstonia/Prime Minister

For the sinking of the Ferry of the same name, see: MS Estonia

Estonia is a nation state in northern Europe. It was formerly part of the USSR, together with neighbours Latvia and Lithuania.

Mass Surveillance

The Estonian government bought 37 licences of the FinnFisher software.[1]

National ID card

In 2017, a "possible security risk" was announced which "affects 750,000 Estonian ID-cards".[2]


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Tallinn University
University of Tartu


Citizens of Estonia on Wikispooks

Urmas Paet20 April 1974Estonian politician
Jüri Ratas2 July 1978