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DFID“The blind eye turned by USAID and DFID to the human rights violations and forced evictions that accompany the so-called development strategy of Ethiopia is shocking. These agencies give virtually unconditional financial, political, and moral support to the Ethiopian government and DFID currently spends a larger proportion of its overseas aid budget on Ethiopia than any other country.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>

During their investigation, the DFID and USAID representatives were given first-hand accounts of human rights abuses but the agencies have subsequently claimed, and still claim, that these accounts have not been substantiated.”
Will HurdJuly 2013


Ambassadors to Ethiopia

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Ethiopia
UK/Ambassador to Ethiopia1898


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Tedros Ghebreyesus3 March 1965WHO Director General who announced COVID fatality as 3.4%