European Court of Human Rights

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Group.png European Court of Human Rights  
European Court of Human Rights logo.svg
Formation21 January 1959
Parent organizationCouncil of Europe
InterestsEuropean Convention on Human Rights


This was set up to enforce the European Convention on Human Rights.


In November 1991, the ECHR Rights ruled that the UK government's ban on the publication and reporting of Spycatcher had breached the European Convention of Human Rights.[1][2] The book was later cleared for publication in Britain.

In 2014 Privacy International brought a legal challenge to demand that the UKUSA agreement be publicised.[3]

Torture of Abu Zubaydah

On July 24, 2014 the ECHR ordered the Polish government to pay Abu Zubaydah €100,000 in damages and €30,000 in costs after it allowed the CIA to hold and torture Zubaydah on its territory in 2002–2003. Zubaydah said through his US lawyer that he would be donating the full €100,000 in damages to victims of torture.[4]


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