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Evelyn Le Chene, from the Annual Report of Wilton Park, 2003/4
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ChildrenAdrian Franks
Founder ofThreat Response International
Suspected spymistress who infiltrated the Campaign Against Arms Trade

Evelyn Le Chêne is mother of Adrian Franks and controller of Martin Hogbin, both of whom infiltrated the Campaign Against Arms Trade on behalf of BAE Systems.


In September 2003, the Sunday Times exposed a "spy network" run by Le Chêne with a database of >148,000 names and addresses of activists, peace campaigners, environmentalists and union members. The story stated that she was running spies who posed as activists to obtain confidential information from lobby groups, and reports on CAAT were at one point being sent daily to BAE's security group from within the organisation.


Evelyn Le Chêne is a fellow of the Wilton Park International Association.