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Started: 1974
Founder: Lyndon LaRouche

In its own words:
"Analysis of political issues from Lyndon H. Larouche"

Main focus: Spooks, Intelligence agencies, Deep politics, Myrotvorets

Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) started by Lyndon LaRouche in 1974, is an important source for deep state research. With excellent intelligence inside sources, the magazine and its archives are worth an extensive browse. It reported on the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in 1979, an event largely ignored by commercially-controlled media. In the 1990s, it published a list of 117 MI6 officers which the UK Foreign Office tried and failed to suppress.


The magazine espouses the LaRouche movement's distinct views on how the world is ruled, noticeably the continued deep control by the British Empire, for example through the Rhodes scholarships and the Tavistock Institute, and concepts such as the Black Nobility. EIR research includes the claim in the 1978 edition that "Israeli intelligence is taking over the CIA".[1]


Full article: “Iran-Contra”

EIR the first media organisation to report important details of Iran–Contra, predicting that a major scandal was about to break months before commercially-controlled media picked up on the story.


Full article: Jonestown

The December 5-11 1978 issue of Executive Intelligence Review contained a 7 page report on "Who created the Jones cult - and why". It observed that "The New York Times and other leading U.S. press have hastily moved to attach blame for the murders in Jonestown to the Guyanese government, the Soviet Union, and finally, the "atmosphere" of the city of San Francisco, quietly dropping from its pages any reference to the leading American of­ficials who underwrote Jim Jones's operation."[1]

1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

Full article: Rated 3/5 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism

Extraordinarily (uniquely??) the Executive Intelligence Review published about the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism at the time.

JCIT EIR 1979.png

Franklin child prostitution ring

Full article: Franklin child prostitution ring

In 1991 EIR reported on the Franklin child prostitution ring.[2]

List of 117 MI6 Officers

Reporting on the list of 117 MI6 officers which Richard Tomlinson published on the internet in the 1990s[When?] and which was posted by Executive Intelligence Review, Duncan Campbell remarked that:

EIR is no ordinary US magazine. It is run by Lyndon LaRouche, a wannabe US presidential candidate and convicted felon whose main thesis on world affairs is that they are secretly controlled by a drugs cartel run by British royalty. Even among conspiracy buffs, information emanating from LaRouche lies low on the credibility scale. Had the [UK] Government not drawn attention to the list, and said that it was true and damaging and from Tomlinson, it would never have been taken seriously and, in all probability, never read.[3]


EIR is commonly dismissed by the corporate controlled media, notwithstanding its notable successes.[citation needed] It also makes assessments which are not shared with everybody, even in the independent research community, noticeably the continued hidden importance of the British Empire[4]


Quotes by Executive Intelligence Review

James Critchfield“Besides the Deuss connection to Oman, Shackley's other link is James Critchfield, the former head of the CIA's Middle East desk, and later chief of intelligence for energy. Critchfield is president of Tetra Tech International, a subsidiary of Honeywell, Inc. Tetra Tech has a contract with Oman to develop the economic infrastructure of the Masandam Peninsula, which is at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz.”24 June 1988Executive Intelligence Review
John Deuss“Secretly procuring oil for South Africa is the business of a very select group of oil traders. Besides Deuss, the central players include West German Gert Lutter; Marc Rich, a fugitive from American justice; and the South Africa-based Italian, Marino Chiavelli.”24 June 1988Executive Intelligence Review


Documents sourced from Executive Intelligence Review

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Crown AgentsarticleCrown Agents
John Cuckney
Millbank Technical Services
July 2007Dean Andromidas
Document:Russia released statement on British role in attacks on Black Sea FleetArticleAl-Qaeda
Islamic State
Stepan Bandera
Maria Zakharova
Deborah Bronnert
Roman Shukhevych
Black Sea Fleet
2 November 2022Lyndon LaRouche“Today, the Kiev regime employs unacceptable fascist war methods using terrorist tactics and in doing so is becoming increasingly similar to ISIS and al-Qaeda. This, however, is not surprising, considering that these groups were created by the same masterminds and instructors from Anglo-Saxon countries."
Document:Strategy of Tension: The Case of ItalywebpageOperation Gladio28 July 2011Claudio Celani
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