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Faisal Bodi was hired by the BBC to write and produce a radio show that would reflect a Muslim view on the Middle East and Muslim affairs in the UK, but his contract was swiftly terminated by the BBC after they understood that he would not be willing to modify his output to suit editorial tastes, or as they put it, for his "strong views on the Middle East issues."[1][2][3]


A Document by Faisal Bodi

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Israel simply has no right to existarticle3 January 2001IsraelA brief historical overview of Israel's claimed and much vaunted "right to exist" as a "Jewish State". The article demonstrates that the validity of the claim rest upon a single Biblical Old Testament source and nothing else. So far as the UN and international law are concerned, the claim would not stand scrutiny and adjudication by a truly impartial court of qualified law practitioners and judges.


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