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A book by Buchenwald survivor Nikolaus Grüner (A-7713): "... to expose "Elie Wiesel" who took my friend Lazar Wiesel's tattooed Number from Auschwitz A-7713, without being registered in Auschwitz. This spineless profiteer turned the graves of Auschwitz Birkenau - into an industry and himself into an "impostor" of the worst kind."

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png book  by Mikolaus Gruner dated 2007
Subjects: The Holocaust, Elie Wiesel
Source: Aaargh archive (Link)

Stolen Identity: The Search for Elie Wiesel. A book by Buchenwald survivor Nikolaus Grüner

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This publication marshalls persuasive documentary evidence that Elie Wiesel stole the identity of a genuine Buchenwald inmate and that his towering reputation as a saintly "Holocaust Survivor" is therefore based on fraud. Its author was himself an inmate of Buchenwald and apparently subscribes to much of the standard holocaust Official Narrative. The text is therefore notable, not as a work of historical revisionism on "The Holocaust" per se, but rather as an example of the fraudulent nature of many of the 'eye-witness' accounts on which "The Holocaust" Official Narrative depends.

Carolyn Yeager has put together a succinct and readable summary of the books thesis at “Elie Wiesel Was Not in Buchenwald” Made Simple
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Stolen Identity: The Search for Lazar Wiesel


The book you are about to read is not another story of the Holocaust, or a biography like any other which is available on the market from known and unknown authors, or survivors, who would have a difficult task to prove their identity of being a survivor of an extermination camp.

This story at large, deals with a pretend author and his attempt to claim that he survived a number of extermination camps, like Auschwitz, Birkenau, Gleiwitz, Monowitz and on top of that he claims that his tattooed number is A-7713, without even being registered in any of those camps. Despite his unknown identity, he managed to be widely decorated inclusively with the Noble Peace Prize, for being the “messenger to mankind,” and later on he received the “Great Cross of Hungary, ” for actions unknown.

This overwhelming exaggeration given to him at the time apparently was to favour his political and Christian theological encouragement, to market himself as a participating survivor acting as a crusade, without any legal identity from any concentration camp or extermination camp he claims that he survived in. His much admired pedagogical work, the so-called “Night,” consisting of some imaginary art, but with the lack of any truth and literal value. When concerning his description of what really had happened to the other six million victims after Hitler’s "Final Solution" one can feel that he acts the “Messiah ” for all our martyrs and survivors of the Holocaust.

ELIE 'S recent “CONFESSlON”.' Finaly sixty-two years afier his paralysing experience pasing the flame in April 1944, first now in his confession he admits that he exaggerated the scenery of the occured events, when seeing living infants being thrown into fiery ditches on his way to the gaschambers in Birkenau.

But today in 2007, he is still bound to give an account for the route that he and his old-aged father used to escape Dr. Mengele's selection route, pasing only one step away from the flaming and scorchingly hot ditches on to the gaschambers, leading to the crematorium and finishing the book with his aged father six-kilometres away without a tattooed number from our camp, where he is not listed by name as a force-labour prisoner at “Buna” Monowitz. If all this is true then there must have been a miracculous escape (by “Elie Wiesel”).

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