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The very large industrial food producers and manufacturers.

In the most general sense the term Big Food applies to the very large industrial food producers and manufacturers. These brands tend to dominate the production and sale of packaged and often processed food and drink[1]. Corporations include Unilever, Pepsi and Nestlé.

These corporations are often tied to the cartel of big agricultural companies and the chemical industry. And ultimately everything is owned or controlled by a handful of corporations, most noticeably Blackrock.

Packaged foods from big name brands tend to contain unnecessary fillers. They’re often full of salt, sugar and fat to make them taste good. Which can actually make us addicted to them.


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The food industry lobby ...

Food additives

Common food additives such as artificial coloring, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, MSG, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, and trans fat are found in processed food products. Many of these additive-filled processed food products are putting children at risk for endocrine, neurodevelopmental and thyroid disruption, cancer, heart disease, immunosuppression, oxidative stress, and weight problems.

Synthetic dyes used as colorants in many common foods and drinks can negatively affect attention and activity in children, according to "the most rigorous assessment of the behavioral effects of food dyes ever conducted" by the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA). Food dyes in products such as breakfast cereals, juice and soft drinks, frozen dairy desserts, candies and icings were linked to adverse neurobehavioral outcomes in children including inattentiveness, hyperactivity and restlessness. Animal studies also revealed effects on activity, memory and learning.[2]

Carrageenan is a very common food additive that has known negative health effects but is kept on the market anyway.[3]


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