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Group.png Forum Portugal Global
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Formation17 September, 1996
HeadquartersLisboa, Portugal
InterestsTrilateral Commission
Membership• António Campos Forte
• António Carrapatoso
• António Gomes de Pinho
• António Maldonado Gonelha
• António Mexia
• António Vasco de Mello
• Diogo Vaz Guedes
• Eduardo Costa
• Francisco Cruz Rosa
• Francisco Lucas Pires
• Francisco Mantero
• Francisco Pinto Balsemão
• Ilídio Pinho
• João de Menezes Ferreira
• Jorge Braga de Macedo
• José Lamego
• José Roquette
• Luís Silva
• Mário Pinto
• Paulo de Pitta e Cunha
• Pedro Queiroz Pereira
• Rui Mateus
• Salvador Guedes
• Vasco Guimarães de Mello
Lusophone subgroup of the Trilateral Commission.

Forum Portugal Global (FPG) is an association of Portuguese companies that wish to promote Portuguese participation in the Trilateral Commission, ensuring the representation of national interests.[1] Although still active as of 2022, it has an extremely low online profile apart from some webpages from the late 1990s.

According to the statutes, FPG brings together companies working in Portugal that can serve as an example for modernization and internationalization in their sectors. It currently has 15 partners and 10 equivalents.[1]

The management bodies are made up of the board of the General Assembly composed of three members, the Supervisory Board with three members and the Board of Directors with three members. According to the statutes, the Presidents of the Board and of the Board must be the current president of the Portuguese group, who sits on the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the Trilateral Commission, and his predecessor, respectively.[1]

Those who are or have been members of the Portuguese group of the Trilateral Commission and who wish to do so are treated as partners with the same rights, encouraging their companies to become partners, as is the case with Sojornal and Sarcol. The founding deed took place on July 30, 1996 at the offices of Morais Leitão & Galvão Telles, followed by general meetings at Pleiade (October 16) and Império (November 13) to complete the list of founders, which included, in addition to these companies, Banco Espírito Santo, Bento Pedroso, Portgas, Sogrape, Somague and Telecel. With the adhesion of Finantia, Lusomundo, Semapa, Portucel and the two companies mentioned above, the number of partners was completed.[1]


Members as of 1997[2] (corporate affiliations in parentheses when firms are being represented) and their positions in the ruling bodies of Forum Portugal Global (FPG), by alphabetical order of the first name:

António Campos Forte (President of Executive Board, Bento Pedroso Construções), Member of Audit Committee;

António Carrapatoso (President of Executive Board, Telecel), Member of Audit Committee;

António Gomes de Pinho (President of Executive Board, Portgás), President of Audit Committee;

António Maldonado Gonelha, Member of Chair of General Assembly;

António Mexia (Member of Executive Board, Banco ESSI);.

António Vasco de Mello, President of Chair of General Assembly;

Diogo Vaz Guedes (Member of Executive Board, Somague), Member of Executive Board;

Eduardo Costa (Member of Executive Board, Banco Finantia);

Francisco Cruz Rosa (Member of Executive Board, Portucel);

Francisco Lucas Pires;

Francisco Mantero (representative of ELO, as per Protocol of 13 November, 1996);

Francisco Pinto Balsemão, President of Executive Board, Sojornal;

Ilídio Pinho, Member of Chair of General Assembly;

João de Menezes Ferreira (Consultant, Morais Leitão & J. Galvão Telles), Member of Executive Board;

Jorge Braga de Macedo, President of Executive Board;

José Lamego;

José Roquette (President of Executive Board, Pleiade);

Luís Silva (President of Executive Board, Lusomundo);

Mário Pinto;

Paulo de Pitta e Cunha;

Pedro Queiroz Pereira (President of Executive Board, Semapa);

Rui Mateus;

Salvador Guedes (Member of Executive Board, Sogrape);

Vasco Guimarães de Mello (President of Executive Board, Seguros Império).


Employee on Wikispooks

Estela BarbotChairman Of The Board Of Directors2017


Known Participants

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