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A list of people whose sudden death is associated with the Franklin child prostitution ring

The Franklin child prostitution ring is associated with at least 15 premature deaths,[1] including investigator Gary Caradori‎. More names are available here.


Full article: Rated 4/5 Gary Caradori

Investogator Gary Caradori claimed to have the Franklin child prostitution ring perpetrators "by the short hairs." The next day he was killed in a plane crash[2] together with his son Andrew Caradori.


ISGP lists the following deaths as being associated with the Franklin child prostitution ring:-



Page namePremature death dateCause of DeathDescription
Troy BonerDrug overdoseA child victim of the Franklin child prostitution ring who testified to Gary Caridori. Found dead of a drugs overdose.
Gary Caradori11 July 1990Air disasterAn investigator into the Franklin child prostitution ring, killed with his son in a plane crash.
Newt CoppleMarch 1991
Craig Spence10 November 1989A lobbyist who ran a call-boy ring for purposes of sexual blackmail, also implicated in the Franklin child prostitution ring. Died suddenly.
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