Frederick Hitz

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BornFrederick Porter Hitz
Alma materPrinceton University, Harvard School of Law
Member ofCouncil on Foreign Relations/Members
InterestsPolitical Science

Frederick Hitz is a former Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency. He is listed by John Simkin as under 'Disinformation'[1] He criticized the CIA's policy of deliberately lying to its employees, stating that "Somebody who is not clued in could take action on the basis of false information. That’s really playing with fire.”[2]


He worked in the CIA as Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency. He held this post for an unusually long time, retiring in 1998.

Hitz investigated Gary Webb's claims of the CIA drug trafficking, and found they were justified.[3]

In 1995, when he was asked, whether, after five years of looking into darkness, he had learned a moral lesson? He replied "[Yes], absolute secrecy corrupts absolutely." [4]