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BornJuly 3, 1908
Essen, Prussia
DiedSeptember 8, 2003 (Age 95)
ChildrenSven Kraemer
SpouseBritta Bjorkander
A refugee from Nazi Germany and "the greatest single influence" on Henry Kissinger.

Fritz G. A. Kraemer, a refugee from Nazi Germany to USA and a member of the [[Conservative Establishment].[1] was father of Cercle visitor, Sven Kraemer. He has been called "the father of the "provocative weakness theory," more popularly called by Neocons as "peace through strength.""[2]


He was born in Prussia. He was awarded two Ph.D's. During most of the 1930s he was a Senior Legal Advisor to the League of Nations at the League’s Legal Institute in Rome. In 1933, he married Britta Bjorkander, a Swedish citizen.

Early life

He fled Nazi Germany and became a US citizen.


Henry Kissinger says in a remembrance of Kraemer that he was "the greatest single influence of my formative years, and his inspiration remained with me even during the last thirty years when he would not speak to me. We met in 1944 in Camp Claiborne, Louisiana. We were both privates in the 84th Infantry Division. I served in G Company of the 335th Regiment, Kraemer in the G-2 section of division headquarters. We were both refugees from Germany, I by necessity, Kraemer by choice. He was thirty-six years of age; I nineteen. He had two Ph. D. degrees. I had two years of night college in accounting."[3]


In the early 1980s he worked for the Institute on Strategic Trade under Cercle visitor Miles Costick.

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