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Concept.png Germany/VIPaedophile

The VIPaedophile phenomenon in Germany exists with the same intensity and scale as in the rest of central Europe and America, but did not have a bigger exposing event yet. More traditional organised crime and satanic sects appear to be the main perpetrators.

Kentler's Project

In the early 1970s, the German government intentionally housed homeless children with paedophiles.[1]


Hans Meiser

A report by Udo Ulfkotte, via Kopp Verlag in 2009,[2][3] said that the production company of German talk show host Hans Meiser,[4][5] CreaTV, was brought to bankruptcy when he intended to have an investigative format. One that allegedly intended to name prominent figures who were customers of a call girl ring, which was also frequented by Michel Friedman who was publicly exposed at the time. In addition, features about politicians who axed investigations into their criminal past and about those who frequented places where children were trafficked.[6][7][8] Apparently two investors decided not to renew financing.[9][10][11][12][13] He later tried to distance himself from the story (again via Ulfkotte).[14] Since that time he is associated with, a German language conspiracy website.[15][16]


Our Father Who Art in Hell

Our Father Who Art in Hell (German title: Vater unser in der Hölle) is a book that describes satanic sects, how they are involved in human trafficking, torture and mind control.[17][18][19]

It describes situations in which children of political prisoners are exchanged through the closed inner German border: “And children from the GDR. From political prisoners. This was the year 1977. Again and again survivors with similar experiences like Angela Lenz tell that the borders of the GDR were open for these children. The GDR borders were only open when the STASI knew about it.” [20]

Man without childhood

The 2015 book Man without childhood (in German: "Mann ohne Kindheit") by Heinz Michael Vilsmeier explains that there were and most certainly still are, several locations throughout Germany (which could be houses on large properties or hotels), organised by what he says is the Italian Mafia, at which mostly undocumented children are available for entertainment, rape and also murder. This organisation also distributed child pornography over the Internet in the early days (1995 onwards).

Vilsmeier's informant, who is a convicted criminal for abusing children himself, was brought there as rare exception as a young boy (always returned to his parents), who witnessed how things go about in such places. Among other things he describes a situation in which the Mafia leader cut the throat and later dismembered a little girl that he befriended, only to make a point.

It stands to reason that these locations are set up for a few years and moved elsewhere after that. They are maintained for that part of the German establishment that is susceptible to this in: politics, media and officialdom - and for those who are able to pay for the service, but otherwise may not be notables.[21][22][23]

A "letter" from a purported insider of the professional child porn/photography scene in Germany, published via Wikileaks in 2009, wants the audience to believe that no such things do exist. A focus of this organization, according to the informant, was to lower the age of consent in Germany.


An example

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Daniel Cohn-BenditA leading figure in both the French and German Green parties, and one of the main responsible for changing the parties from pacifist to super-militarist. Also with notable VIPaedophile writings.


Related Quotation

Ulrike Meinhof“Yes, Ulrike Meinhof was a terrorist and how she was radicalized or how she radicalized herself – both are probably true - was fatal. But the beginning was that she, as a journalist and psychologist, had to find out after all through many interviews that girls in children's homes were visited by judges, prosecutors, politicians, high-ranking businessmen in the evenings when they went to bed, were sexually abused, that the head of the children's home opened up and these people experienced the worst suffering and she ran against walls when she published this. She has written a book about it. The book "Bambule" was later censored. You won't find anything more about it. I read it uncensored at the time. And of course you can still find it today, if you just want to.”Ulrike Meinhof
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