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Group.png Goldsmith family  
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InterestsRothschild family
Membership• Edward Goldsmith
• Frank Goldsmith
• Lady Annabel Goldsmith
• Zac Goldsmith
• Ben Goldsmith
• James Goldsmith
• Jemima Goldsmith
• Imran Khan
• Clio Goldsmith
• Kate Emma Rothschild Goldsmith
• Alice Miranda Rothschild Goldsmith
A prominent Jewish family and financial dynasty in England.

The Goldsmith family are a British political family.


Known Participants

6 of the 11 of the participants already have pages here:

Ben GoldsmithUK YGL 2010 financier, brother of politician Zac Goldsmith (YGL 2008)
Edward GoldsmithPioneering environmentalist with a hint of misanthropy.
James Goldsmithan Anglo-French billionaire financier and businessman, possible deep state operative.
Zac GoldsmithUK YGL 2008 politician, brother of Ben Goldsmith (YGL 2010)
Imran Khanex-Pakistani Prime Minister
Jemima Khan