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Group.png Cambridge University/Gonville and Caius College  
LocationCambridge, UK

According to list leaked anonymously in 1999 (possibly by Richard Tomlinson, "Professor Pritchard of Gonville and Cauis College Cambridge is the leading recruiter for MI6 agents. He identifies and recruits the most intellectual geniuses for MI6."


Alumni on Wikispooks

Alastair Campbell25 May 1957UKAuthor
Political aide
War criminal
Robert Carr11 November 191617 February 2012Politician
Kenneth Clarke2 July 1940UKPolitician
Deep state operative
Bilderberg Steering committee, The Other Club, UK politician. When former child actor Ben Fellows went public with accusations that Clarke had assaulted him, Fellows was prosecuted for "attempting to pervert the course of justice".
Quentin Davies29 May 1944UKPoliticianUK diplomat/politician with spooky connections
Patrick Dean16 March 19095 November 1994British SubjectDiplomatBritish Ambassador to the United States, connection to the intelligence apparatus.
Bill Newton Dunn3 October 1941UKUK MEP
Peter Fraser29 May 194522 June 2013Lawyer
Dean GodsonAuthor
Peter Goldsmith5 January 1950Lawyer
Martin Furnival Jones7 May 19121 March 1997UKSpook
Shashank JoshiUKJournalistThe Economist‘s defence editor. Bilderberg 2022. Also of interest for the Integrity Initiative
John Layton28 September 191223 January 1989Businessperson
John Lehman14 September 1942Banker
Deep state operative
US deep state operative who in 1989 met up with Donald Trump, Thomas Pickering, Ghislaine Maxwell & others on board Robert Maxwell's yacht
Iain Macleod11 November 191320 July 1970UK politician who died suddenly a month into his job as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Paul Madden25 April 1959Diplomat
Alan Mendoza1976UKSpookExecutive Director of The Henry Jackson Society
Simon Sebag Montefiore27 June 1965UKHistorianBritish well-connected historian specializing is perpetuating the black legend against Russia.
Gordon Richardson25 November 191522 January 2010UKLawyer
Central banker
Governor of the Bank of England 1973-83
Richard Tomlinson13 January 1963New Zealand
MI6 whistleblower imprisoned in 1997 for breaking the Official Secrets Act 1989
Tom Tugendhat27 June 1973France
Deep state functionary
Suspected UK deep state functionary, MP, Bilderberg 2019, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, floated de facto mandatory Covid-19 vaccination in November 2020.
Adair Turner5 October 1955UKAcademic
Front man for George Soros-initiatives.
David Walker (SAS)April 1942UKSoldierEx-SAS founder of Keenie Meenie Services
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