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Green Monitor is a now defunct campaigning group which called itself "a campaign in which the activities of environmental groups are tracked and analysed".[1]

It states:

We intend to highlight the real harm done by these groups in the developing world, and alert people to the consequences of funding such groups. Whilst groups such as Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are no doubt well intentioned, they too often advocate policies without reasonable scientific basis that can result in the death, injury and poverty of vulnerable groups in Africa and Asia.


Green Monitor's "News" as at 30 September 2009 was a story in favour of genetically modified (GM) food, "Greenpeace once again hysterical over GM food", and a story advocating the "free use of DDT", the highly toxic insecticide banned in developed countries decades ago, as an anti-malaria measure in the third world.[2] Both stories hardly count as news, representing as they do pro-industry stances of at least a decade's standing.


As of 2012, it appears defunct.




Green Monitor is entirely funded by Progressive Vision,[3] a UK-based free market think tank.

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