Guinea Bissau

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Group.png Guinea Bissau  Rdf-icon.png
Location Guinea Bissau AU Africa.svg
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg
LocationWest Africa, Africa
LeaderPresident of Guinea-Bissau
Typenation state
Member ofOrganisation of African Unity

Guinea-Bissau is a small nation state in West Africa. It was been termed a "narco-state" due to the importance of it role as a hub for illegal cocaine smuggling.

Cocaine transit hub

On March 9, Guinea-Bissau recorded its biggest cocaine bust yet after discovering almost 800 kilograms (1,764 pounds) of the narcotic in a fish truck bound for Mali. Four people were arrested, including an adviser to the speaker of Niger’s national assembly who’s suspected of working for a businessman with links to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, known by its acronym AQIM, according to Domingos Correia, deputy national director of the judicial police.[1]

In September 2019, this record was broken again by a 1.8 tonne seizure.[2]