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The hübsche families were the third elite class of the electorate and Kingdom of Hanover in the 18th and early 19th centuries, after nobility and clergy. At the time Hanover was in a personal union with the United Kingdom. The group consisted of the higher bourgeoisie and the elite of university-educated civil servants, and played a significant role in the governing of Hanover, often as higher civil servants.[1] The word hübsche literally means courtly and may be loosely translated as "genteel"; it originally meant that someone was presentable at court.[2] The hübsche families have been described as a "state (post-Roman) patriciate." In contrast to old noble families which tended to favour military careers, hübsche families placed emphasis on academic education, especially legal education, and favoured careers in the civil service. The hübsche families were a form of Bildungsbürgertum.[1]

Notable families


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Albrecht familyNorth German family; prominent as civil servants, politicians and businesspeople.
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