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Concept.png Hanging 
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Hanging victims on Wikispooks

TitleDeath dateLocation of DeathDescription
Marc Bennett24 December 2019Qatar
Premature death of UK man in Qatar
Boris Berezovsky23 March 2013Berkshire
A Russian billionaire oligarch who fell out with Vladimir Putin. Found dead in 2013 - the corner returned an open verdict.
Anthony Bourdain8 June 2018Kaysersberg-VignobleCelebrity chef that was found dead after he became more vocal in the Me Too movement.
Jean-Luc Brunel19 February 2022France
Accused right hand of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Started a model agency with money from Epstein. Was convicted for prostitution of a minor in Florida in 2009. Reportedly committed suicide in 2022 while awaiting a second trial involving accusations of raping French minors.
Emil Czeczko17 March 2022MinskYoung Polish soldier who defected to Belarus and said he and his comrades were forced to shoot migrants.
Jeffrey Epstein10 August 2019Billionaire who flew famous people on the Lolita Express to lavish parties on one a private island, which the locals dubbed "Orgy Island" or "Padeophile Island". A compulsive pedophile, he was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, after which people attempted to distance themselves from him. Re-arrested in June 2019, he was reportedly found dead of a "suicide" in prison although questions remain about this.
Mario FerraroJuly 1995Italian spook who was assassinated in 1995
Boris Floricic17 October 1998BerlinGerman hacker/phreaker with strong interest in cryptography found dead in a park. Ruled a suicide.
Kim Jae-gyu24 May 1980As head of the KCIA he assassinated his boss, the South Korean president, Park Chung-hee
Prasanna Kalahasthi19 October 2001A 9/11 widow reported to have hung herself out of grief.
Mark Middleton7 May 2022ArkansasSpecial assistant to US President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, where he admitted Jeffrey Epstein to the White House on multiple occasions. Shot dead like other former Epstein friends in 2022.
Deborah Palfrey1 May 2008United States
Tarpon Springs
Ran an escort agency in Washington D.C. that was frequently used by Washington insiders, and was aware of some 9/11 insiders who let information slip before the event. Although promising not to commit suicde, she was found "hanged". After her death, she was accused to have been a long time associate of Ghislaine Maxwell.
Amschel Rothschild8 July 1996France
A hung banker
Vitaly Shishov3 August 2021Ukraine
The former head of the Belarusian House in Ukraine which helps people escape repression in Belarus. He was found hung. Suspected to be an assassination made look like a suicide.
Tomoyuki Yamashita23 February 1946Los Baños
The Philippines
Japanese general of "Yamashita's Gold" fame.
Fatin Rüştü Zorlu16 September 1961Turkey
Turkish diplomat and politician executed after the 1960 Turkish coup d'état, along with two other politicians.


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