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(Author, Journalist)
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Interests • Vaccines
• Spanish flu
• Ebola
German journalist and author with a focus on vaccines and health.

Hans Tolzin is a German journalist and author with a focus on vaccines and health.

He holds the maturity of the patient, or the parents who make important health decisions for their children, as his central concern. He tries to achieve this by "providing industry-independent, properly researched, source-based information in layman's terms."[1]

He has done extensive research into the history of medicine. Using original documents, Tolzin points out that the evidence regarding the alleged disease-causing properties of pathogens are not always scientifically based. Thus, the question of what role bacteria and viruses play in the course of the disease has not really been answered. [1]


His first trained job was that of a dairy specialist. However, he never practiced this profession and later he retrained as an organization programmer. He worked for a large Stuttgart company for 10 years.[1]

As the father of two children, he began to deal intensively with the vaccination issue in 1999 and to publish his findings on the Internet and in his own newsletter. In 2005 he started the magazine "impf-report" and his own publishing house. In addition, he still gives lectures and seminars on the subject of vaccination decisions and infectious diseases and organizes a Symposium almost every year with numerous well-known speakers.


In December 2020, a dozen police officers stormed his home to break up what they said was a forbidden gathering, organized as a self-help group of people who suffer physically, mentally and socially from the Corona measures. They handcuffed Tolzin and took the identities of the group members and sent them home.[2]


His first book "The Tetanus Lie" was published in 2010. Next came "The Epidemic Inventors (2012). "Does vaccination make sense?" (2013), which he considers to be his main work - summarizes the most important results from 15 years of intensive research on the issue of vaccination.

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