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German Theo Sommer, participant in 1960, later became editor-in-chief of the influential newspaper Zeit and a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee.
Membership• Helmut Fichtenthal
• Rone Amorim
• Punchi Banda Dasanayake
• Michael Foot
• Timothy Hugh Francis Raison
• Charles Benjamin Walker
• Martii Juhani Joutsen
• Andre-Pierre Bernd-Joffroy
• Jean Claude Dischamps
• Father Bernard D. Philiber Zobel
• Kay Adolf Max Hoff
• Theodor Georg Sommer
• Demetrius Elias Grivas
• Ajit Kumar Bhattacharjea
• Hari Sharan Chhabra
• Bipinchand Jivanchand Jhaveri
• Joseph Durai Sundram
• Afshan Hessam-Vaziri
• Donall O'Morain
• Norbert Niswiski
• Claudio Gorlier
• Giovanni Kojanec
• Cesare Maestripieri
• Koji Kameda
• Hidetake Sho
• Kyuma Tanno
• Yoichi Yokobori
• Burhan Dajani
• Harold Hermanus de Klerk
• Ijaz Husain
• Khan Sarwar Murshid
• M. N. Quesi Sagoe
• Alejandro Rafael Roces
• Jozef Wilhelm Kokot
• Juliusz Kydrynski
• Hermann Paul Riedle
• Nermin Abadan
• Charles Michael Selwyn Mukasa
• Franklin Greene Balch
• David Dulles
• George Armstrong Kelly

These are the participants from 1960 for the yearly International Seminar led by Henry Kissinger at Harvard University.[1]. The fully paid six week stay had as one of its purposes to "establish better understanding among a select group of people who will be in top leadership roles in their countries in the years ahead".[2] Approximately half are from the field of the humanities and half in politics and economics.[3]

For next year's cadre, see Harvard/International Seminar/1961. For the previous year, see Harvard/International Seminar/1959. For an overview of the program itself, see Harvard/International Seminar.


  • Helmut Fichtenthal -Austria. Assistant director of the personnel and budget division and liaison officer to international organizations, Office of the Federal Chancellor
  • Rone Amorim - Brazil. Director, Division of Cultural Activities, University of Sao Paulo
  • Punchi Banda Dasanayake - Assistant Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Government of Ceylon
  • Michael Richard Daniell Foot - UK. Writing a book on current manpower problems at the Institute for Strategic Studies; editing an unpublished diary of W. E. Gladstone
  • Timothy Hugh Francis Raison - UK. Staff writer of The New Scientist; editor of Crossbow, a political quarterly
  • Charles Benjamin Walker -UK. Chaplain of Peterhouse
  • Martii Juhani Joutsen -Finland. Journalist, Uusi Suomi
  • Andre-Pierre Bernd-Joffroy - France. Writer, contributing particularly to the Nouvelle Revue Francaise and to the cultural emissions of Radiodiffusion-Television Francaise
  • Jean Claude Dischamps - France. Associate Professor at the University of Aix-Marseille, Faculty of Law and Economic Science
  • Father Bernard D. Philiber Zobel - France. Lecturer in exegesis and morals, Prior of the Abbaye du Bec; in charge of English relations at the Cultural Center of Bec
  • Kay Adolf Max Hoff - Germany. Editor of Neues Rheinland, a monthly cultural review; free author for newspapers, reviews and broadcasting stations
  • Theodor Georg Sommer - Germany. Associate Political Editor of Zeit; contributor to other German papers. Later editor of Zeit and member of Bilderberg Steering Committee
  • Demetrius Elias Grivas - President of the National Union of Greek Students; Student of Medicine, National University of Athens
  • Ajit Kumar Bhattacharjea - India. Special Representative in Uttar Pradesh for IhIltattman
  • Hari Sharan Chhabra - India. Secretary for the Indian Council for Africa, New Delhi
  • Bipinchand Jivanchand Jhaveri - India. Professor of Gujarati
  • Joseph Durai Sundram - India. Director of Economic Research, Khadi and Village Industries, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India
  • Miss Afshan Hessam-Vaziri - Iran. Director of English speaking clubs and teacher of English at Dr. Nassr High School
  • Donall O'Morain - Ireland. General Manager, Fleet Printing Company, Ltd. and Fleet Publishing Company
  • Norbert Niswiski - Israel. Foreign Editor of Maariv and correspondent of Le Monde, Paris
  • Claudio Gorlier -Italy. Teacher of Italian literature at Regina Margherita; Assistant to the Professor of American Literature at the University of Turin
  • Giovanni Kojanec - Italy. University Assistant, Faculty of Political Science, Rom, International Law; Assistant to the Vice President of the Italian State Agency for Hydrocarbons; Member of the Italian Press Association
  • Cesare Maestripieri Belgium. Member of the Joint Legal Service of the European Communities
  • Koji Kameda - Japan. President of Mitsui Life Insurance Employees Union; Vice-chief of Medical Department of Mitsui Life Insurance Mutual Company; Member of Policy Board of Democratic Socialist Party
  • Hidetake Sho - Member of the clerical staff of Television and Radio Sales Section. Tokyo Merchandise Sales Office, Mitsubishi Electric Manufacturing Company
  • Kyuma Tanno - Staff member of the International Affairs Division, Japan Federation of Employers' Associations
  • Yoichi Yokobori - Japan. Editorial Staff on political and diplomatic problems at Kyodo News Service
  • Burhan Dajani - Lebanon. Director of the Permanent Office of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture; Part-time lecturer in Business Administration Department of the American University of Beirut
  • Harold Hermanus de Klerk - Netherlands. Secretary to the Federation of Christian Employers
  • Ijaz Husain -Barrister-at-Law, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Court of West Pakistan
  • Khan Sarwar Murshid Lecturer in English, Dacca University, East Pakistan (Bangladesh)
  • M. N. Quesi Sagoe - Nigeria. Position at time of attendance: Federal Administrator, General Administrator's Department. Positions held since Seminar: Solicitor-General of the Federation of Nigeria; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice, 1961; Federal Administrator General
  • Alejandro Rafael Roces - Philippines. Dean, Institute of Arts and Sciences, Far Eastern University; Columnist, "Roses & Thorns," Manila Times
  • Jozef Wilhelm Kokot - Poland. Editor of Scientific Bulletin of Silesian Scientific Institute in Katowice and editor of the Library of Science of Silesia
  • Juliusz Kydrynski - Poland. Journalist and Editor; Przekroi, weekly
  • Hermann Paul Riedle -Switzerland. Economic Editor of Tages-Anzeiger, daily newspaper
  • Mrs. Nermin Abadan - Turkey. Associate Professor for Public Administration and Public Opinion, Faculty of Political Science, University of Ankara
  • Charles Michael Selwyn Mukasa - Uganda. Private secretary to the King of Buganda
  • Franklin Greene Balch - Head Tutor, Claverly Hall; Teaching Fellow, Government Department, Harvard University
  • David Dulles USA. Research Assistant in International Corporations, Harvard Law School; Member of the Philadelphia Committee on City Policy
  • George Armstrong Kelly -USA.Research Assistant, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University


Known Participant

1 of the 41 of the participants already have pages here:

Theo SommerEditor of Die Zeit 1973-1992. Bilderberg Steering Committee