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MottoPragmatic Solutions for Global Security
Founder• Barry Blechman
• Michael Krepon
Headquarters1211 Connecticut Avenue NW, 8th Floor
Type• think tank
• research
Interests“terrorism”, arms industry
Sponsored byCarnegie Corporation

The Henry L. Stimson Center is Washington based think-tank specialising in security and disarmament. It was founded in 1989 by Barry Blechman and Michael Krepon.

Board Members

Lincoln Bloomfield, Jr, Chairman of the Board Palmer Coates, LLC (Former Assistant Secretary of State)
Linda Banton, Lockheed Martin
Barry M. Blechman, Co-founder, The Henry L. Stimson Center
Barbara Davis Blum, BDB Investment Partnership
Robert O. Boorstin, Google, Inc.
Avis T. Bohlen, Georgetown University (Former Assistant Secretary of State)
Richard M. Clarke, CE Partners, LLC
Alton Frye, Council on Foreign Relations
William Harrop, Retired Diplomat
Farooq Kathwari, Ethan Allen, Inc.
Michael Krepon, Co-founder, The Henry L. Stimson Center
Norman P. Neureiter, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Philip A. Odeen, Reynolds & Reynolds
Thomas Pickering, Hills & Company (Former Undersecretary of State)
Anne Richard, International Rescue Committee
Enid C.B. Schoettle, Consultant in International Affairs
Jeffrey H. Smith, Arnold & Porter
General Larry D. Welch, Institute for Defense Analyses
Carroll R. Wetzel, Jr., Investment Banker (Ret.)


Gordon Adams, Distinguished Fellow
Barry Blechman, Co-Founder/Distinguished Fellow
Richard Cronin, Senior Associate
William J. Durch, Senior Associate
Emile El-Hokayem, Research Fellow
Brian Finlay, Senior Associate
Julie E. Fischer, Senior Associate
Costanza Galastri, Research Fellow
Victoria K. Holt, Senior Associate
Michael Krepon, Co-Founder
Ellen Laipson, President and CEO
Nancy Langer, Director of External Relations
Geneve Mantri, Congressional Fellow
Judith Oliver, Congressional Fellow
Amit Pandya, Senior Associate
Cheryl L. Ramp, Executive Vice President and COO
Peter J. Roman, Senior Associate
Alan D. Romberg, Distinguished Fellow
Yuki Tatsumi, Research Fellow
Elizabeth (Libby) Turpen, Senior Associate


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