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FounderHenry Schein
HeadquartersMelville, New York, U.S.
Founder ofHenry Schein
MembershipPeggy Hamburg
United States' biggest distributor of dental products and flu vaccines. Participated in the pandemic exercise Event 201. Had their own Peggy Hamburg as FDA commissioner.

Henry Schein, Inc. is the largest U.S. distributor of flu vaccines[1]and one of the leading providers of products and services to physician offices, urgent care clinics, retail clinics, freestanding emergency rooms, dental clinics, etc. in the United States.

Brad Connett from the company participated in the pandemic exercise Event 201. Former Schein board member and U.S. Food and Drug Administration commissioner Peggy Hamburg is well connected to the biosecurity complex.


One of Henry Schein Inc's focus areas is "humanitarian relief, disaster preparedness and response".[2], through through partnerships with non-governmental organizations, product donations [...] and public-private partnerships.[3].

A company called Levin Communications is editing its Wikipedia pages, presumably as PR-management on behalf of Henry Schein. As pointed out by Wikipedia, Henry Schein has been recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as the World's Most Ethical Company six times as of 2017,[4] quite an achievement for a company in the pharmaceutical industry, known to be a ruthless business area.

Henry Schein Inc. got dismissed from a 2019 trial alleging Schein and other manufacturers mounted a “false advertising campaign” to expand the market for opioids and Henry Schein and other companies reaped financial rewards by failing “to monitor appropriately and restrict” the drugs’ distribution. Court papers filed by Henry Schein denied that the company “made deliberate efforts to evade restrictions on opioid distribution or acted without regard for life.”[5]

Schein got aquitted by an administrative law judge at the Federal Trade Commission, for accusations of together with 2 other companies, Benco Dental Supply Co and Patterson Companies Inc, having violated antitrust law by refusing to compete for the business of buying groups. The FTC had accused the three companies, the three largest U.S. full-service distributors of dental supplies ranging from chairs to cement to gloves, of violating antitrust law in February 2018.[6]


Henry Schein, Inc. is the United States' biggest distributor of dental products, including mercury amalgam. The Henry Schein company and its chief executive have extremely close ties with the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA’s interest in keeping amalgam is financial; it grants amalgam its Seal of Acceptance based on a pay-to-play system and even owns patents on amalgam (now expired). While the patents were in effect, ADA adopted (and still retains) a rule of conduct in its code of ethics directing dentists to stand silent rather than disclose the mercury in amalgam.[7]