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The practice of educating children outside of schools, i.e. at home. In many countries, homeschooling is illegal, despite the general spectacular academic results.

Home education (sometimes homeschooling) is the practice of educating children outside of schools, i.e. at home. It is legal in many nations of the world, although governments, especially in "developed countries" often place legal restrictions on the practice, such as inspecting the homes concerned or subjecting children to standardised tests.

Original Narrative

Homeschooling arises from parents' extremist religious views or children's behavioral issues. Homeschooled students are inevitably deprived of 'socialisation'. Governments should not allow parents to homeschool without oversight, and parents can be charged with neglect if their children fall behind educationally. In spite of increasing popularity, home education is considered radical and unorthadox by commercially-controlled media, which argues that parents should not "deny" their children of the experiences provided in public schools.


The claims of the unorthadox nature of homeschooling do not stand up to critical examination; the practice has a long track record. Historically, it is government run, mass compulsion schools that are the new and radical concept, not homeschooling. The origins of forced schooling are unclear to most of those involved in the practice. John Taylor Gatto, perhaps the USA's most famous school teacher, has exposed them in his Underground History of American Education. This clarifies that forced schooling in USA was implemented by rich industrialists primarily as a means of social control after the military success of Prussia in dominating the other German states proved its value on the battlefield.

Increasing uptake

Dissatisfied with their own school experience, millennials in USA are increasingly shunning the public education system in favor of private schools, classical academies, homeschooling, unschooling[clarification needed] or some combination thereof.[1] The number of children educated out of school in UK rose 57% from 2012 to 2017 across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.[2]


There is no evidence that home education is inferior or turns out badly adjusted children.[citation needed] Its advocates make persuasive claims that it is in fact far superior, especially for certain demographics.


In many countries, homeschooling is illegal.[3] In some, such as Israel[4] or Sweden[5], it requires special permission from the Ministry of Education. In others, such as UK and India is legal.

Education legislation has directly correlated with the increase of non-nuclear family units as well as the decrease of paternity rights. The control of education is part of the larger plot to remove fathers from families and replace them with government support systems.[citation needed]