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Born6 March 1965

Employment.png Member of Parliament for Dudley North

In office
5 May 2005 - 5 November 2019

Ian Austin is the former Member of Parliament for Dudley North who resigned from the Labour Party on 22 February 2019.[1]

In November 2019, Austin announced he was standing down at the UK/2019 General Election and encouraged Labour voters to support Tory PM Boris Johnson.[2]


Craig Murray

On 8 November 2019, Craig Murray tweeted:

"Tories spend thousands pushing out Ian Austin's BBC interviews as Facebook ads.[3]
"Yet BBC still claim that massive airtime given this Tory trade envoy to say 'vote Johnson' does not count against the Conservatives in calculating election coverage balance."[4]

Chris Williamson MP

Chris Williamson MP spoke from personal experience when he commented on Austin’s decision to quit the Labour Party:

"He is certainly no loss. His frequent ill-tempered outbursts were an embarrassment to the Labour Party.
"His disdain for grassroots members was palpable as was his contempt for Labour’s progressive policy programme that secured the party’s biggest increase in vote share since 1945.
"The truth is he fought the last election under false pretences, using the Labour brand to get re-elected.
"Another positive thing about his departure is that Labour Party members in Dudley North can now select a candidate who will work with them to fight for Dudley, rather than fighting against them.
"For Austin to salvage any shred of credibility he must resign as an MP and fight a by-election in his Dudley North constituency, but in view of his obvious contempt for democracy over the last three and a half years I think he’s unlikely to do so."[5]


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