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Date2014/08/28 12:00:00 AM - Present
DescriptionIgor Kolomoisky threatens to blow the Dnieper dam at Dniproges if the NAF forces take Zaporozhe

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Dnieper dam at Zaporozhe SE Ukraine.

According to DNR News, Igor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian oligarch who controls much of the South East of Ukraine with his privately finances Azov Battalion thugs has threatened to blow up the Dnieper dam at Dniproges if Novorossian armed forces (NAF) enter Zaporozhe on the Eastern bank of the Dnieper river:

...A source in the Zaporozhye city administration said that, soon after annnouncing "Plan B" to defend Mariopol and Odessa from NAF, Kolomoisky's right-hand-man, Boris Filatov, ordered officials to prepare for the worst including the destruction of the DneproGES dam.

A retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin said that to carry out such a theat would be suicide. The broken dam would flood much of SE Ukraine and part of Russia. [1] [2]

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