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(Model, Witness, VIPaedophile/Premature death)
Born1 January 1985
Died1 March 2019 (Age 34)
Cause of death
"Natural causes"
NationalityItalian, Moroccan
Interests • Silvio Berlusconi
• Bunga Bunga
• Nicole Minetti
• VIPedophile
Photo model who revealed Silvio Berlusconi's bunga bunga sex parties. Also stated they were part of a sect that invokes the devil. Died of poisoning.

Imane Fadil was a Moroccan photo model who exposed Silvio Berlusconi's sex parties. She stated they were part of a sect that invokes satanic rituals. She died of poisoning in 2019.[1][2][3]


Fadil became known in 2011 as one of the main witnesses in the trial against former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, where he was convicted of buying sex from an underage prostitute called 'Ruby the Heartstealer' (real name Karima El Mahroug),[4][5] but the sentence was later overturned. She was a regular guest at Berlusconi's so-called bunga bunga parties.

At the time of her death, she was writing a book about the scandals surrounding Berlusconi's parties and her experiences of the trial around them, with the planned title I met the Devil. At the time of her death Fadil was also a key witness in upcoming trials against Berlusconi in connection to the so-called 'Ruby ter' trial. This time he was being investigated for bribing witnesses in his favor. Berlusconi was later acquitted of judicial corruption.[4][6]


Imane Fadil died on 1 March 2019, a month after being admitted to a Milan hospital with severe stomach pains. At the time she told friends and her lawyer that she had been poisoned. Initial tests appear to have ruled out claims that she suffered from radioactive poisoning.[7] The claim of radioactive substances might be a red herring from the Bilderberg press to lead suspicion over to Russia.

“The doctors have not identified with any certainty any pathology which can explain the death,” Milan’s chief prosecutor, Francesco Greco, told Reuters, adding that there were “several anomalies” in Fadil’s medical records.[8]

It was declared to be of natural causes by mid 2019.[9]

There is Evil in there, I have seen it, there is Lucifer

In April 2018 she gave an interview with il Fatto Quotidiano[10]:

Imane Fadil , a model of Moroccan origin, was just over 25 years old in 2011 when she was invited for the first time to Arcore, at the home of Berlusconi, then Prime Minister. He participated in eight "elegant dinners" and during some of these, according to him, she saw everything: willing girls, stripping, groping, in short, she saw what Bunga Bunga consisted of. After the umpteenth supper she lifted her heels and left. And some time later she went to the prosecutor's office to tell everything she had seen, complete with names and surnames. Result? Photographers, interviews, newspaper headlines, lawsuits. Today Imane is 33 years old, she is a civil party in the “Ruby bis” and “Ruby ter” trial. A book is about to be finished in which she will tell everything he knows.

Today, after a few years, how do you remember all this story?
It was devastating, impossible to describe. At first I was alone against everyone, no one believed my version.

What did everyone think?
That I only told those things because I didn't get money and success. But that was not the case, then it emerged.

And what was it like?
I used to go to Arcore because I hoped it would be enough to join that circle to get a job. Only later did I understand. And I spoke.

Were you vilified during that time?
Yes, by all. The first was Emilio Fede. But then I sued him and they convicted him in the first court, now there is an appeal. He also sued me, but his was dismissed. So I said the truth, he didn't.

Let's go back to his life after he told about Bunga Bunga.
I couldn't even get out of the house, I was shunned around: people thought I was a prostitute, I lost friends and those few jobs I had, like being a stewardess. I went through a period of severe depression, I was always crying, I also lost my hair due to severe stress.

How were your cured?
With some tranquilizers, I could no longer sleep.

You told strong things about those dinners…
Yes, the things I told, Bunga Bunga, Emilio Fede, Minetti, the naked girls dancing, is the whole truth.

The worst memory?
I remember well the last night I went there, there were all these naked girls dancing: one of these, lying on the ground, with only a thong on, was shaking desperately staring at me. With his eyes he seems to tell me “don't judge me, help me!”. Like a scream, a terrifying memory.

Have you ever seen explicit sex scenes?
No, those didn't happen there.

And who told you it happened?
Well, the last night a girl comes to me and says: look, to get something you have to do something more. And then I understood everything. Up until that moment I hoped I would never be asked for such a thing.

Now you are writing a book: why?
Because I want to tell everything. The thing is not limited to a powerful man who had girls. There is much more to this story, much more serious things.

It's not easy to tell, it's the first time I've done it, but the time has come.

This gentleman is part of a sect that invokes the devil. Yes I know I'm saying a strong thing, but that's it. And it's not just me who knows, many others know.

Do they know what?
That constant obscenities were happening in that house. A sort of sect, made up of only women, dozens and dozens of complicit females.

Do you speak because you have seen particular rites?
Let's say I have a lot of clues. In that room where Bunga Bunga was done there was a closet with clothes, all the same, like tunics, about twenty or thirty: what were they for? And then there was another underground room with a swimming pool, next to another room, totally dark, without any light. An underground pool and a room with no lights? Because?

These are weak indications, it could be a relaxation zone. Is the fact that you haven't seen satanic rituals or anything like that?
Look, I've seen worse. Things difficult to tell in a nutshell.

Please try.
I have seen strange, sinister presences. I have been psychic since childhood: on my father's side I descend from a person who has been sanctified and I tell her that there are disturbing presences in that house. There is Evil in there, I have seen it, there is Lucifer.

Did you know that telling things like this could be taken for crazy?
Of course I know, but I don't care what people say. I never told it because I had no proof, while now I have it, unequivocal.

Do you have the evidence? Show them to us.

No, not yet, I'll do it later. But it's not long, I just have to finish this book. And then the world will know.

Book excerpt

Il Fatto Quotidiano also published a small excerpt of the book that was shared by Fadil in 2018. The book itself was immediately confiscated by Italian prosecutors after her death[11], along with her medical records.

She saw the girls in a sort of circle, with Berlusconi in the center as a pivot: a kind of adoration, with some naked, others half-naked, others transvestites wandering through the underground living room. It was then that Imane took courage and went to him, to tell him that she would like to return home. But Silvio replied to wait. In the basement, Imane saw what he called a kind of brothel, naked and half-naked girls in the pool. Even minors, who perhaps did not realize so much of the thing. The “ virgin maiden ” was arriving”, Imane repeated with horror in her story. The very young choice for that evening. Berlusconi sent some girls to report proposals, for Imane, " indecent ". They were requests of a sexual nature, in exchange for a position on his TV channels.[11]

Cover up

As of September 2022, she does not have an English or Italian Wikipedia page. The prosecutor general (Pina Casella) of a trial that followed found that:[12]

"Imane Fadil's statements are fully reliable and the truthfulness of her statements on the Arcore evenings are amply confirmed by the findings of Chiara Danese and Ambra Battilama and by telephone interceptions"


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