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Group.png Independent SAGE  
(Lobby, Front group?Twitter WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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FormationMay 2020
InterestsCOVID, COVID-19/Lockdown/UK, Official opposition narrative
Membership• Carole Cadwalladr
• David King
• Christopher Steele
• Susan Michie
• Anthony Costello
• Linda Bauld
• Elizabeth Stokoe
• Helen Salisbury
• Stephen Reicher
• Christina Pagel

Independent SAGE (Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) is a group that is officially independent of the UK Government, though many members formerly were part of SAGE.



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Document:Charles Walker's 2021 SAGE speechSpeech16 June 2021Charles WalkerA Tory Backbencher suggests full financial disclosure from members of SAGE and full elections, or they advise the Government, and if they do not want to do that, but want to advise TV studios, they do that, but they do not do both.
Document:Why is disgraced MI6 author of the dodgy Trump-Russia dossier involved in a controversial group seeking harsh Covid restrictions?Article24 July 2021Kit KlarenbergChristopher Steele, the Russiagate spook is involved in lobbying for more lockdowns in the UK.