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Concept.png Inequality 

“We are moving into an era of politics where the foundations of consent which underpin western states are becoming less stable. The massive growth in wealth inequality has led to an alienation of large sections of the population from the political system.”
Craig Murray (3 December 2019)  Violence and The State [1]


Related Quotations

Friedrich Engels“Everywhere the proletariat develops in step with the bourgeoisie. In proportion, as the bourgeoisie grows in wealth, the proletariat grows in numbers.”Friedrich Engels
Immigrant“I remain incensed at the success of the elite in conning the deprived that their poverty is caused by immigrants, whereas it is caused by massive inequality of wealth.”Craig Murray16 December 2018


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Document:The forbidden truth is an insurrection in Britainarticle18 August 2011John PilgerAn alternative perspective on the UK London Riots from an author unafraid to make the obvious connection between the England riots and the rampant culture of corruption and greed in the UK Establishment.
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