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'Lionel' (radio personality)
AIVD Intelligence and Security ServiceIntelligence agency of the Dutch Deep state. Recruits 15 year olds. Planted Stuxnet. World-champion wiretapping. Couldn't connect lovers Klaas Bruinsma and Mabel van Oranje. Couldn't protect Pim Fotuyn. It's a long list.
Agenda 2030 21
Agenda 21 2030
Gustavo Alverez Álvarez Martínez
Shiva Ayyadurai Ayyadurai
Black Lives Matter Lives MatterAdvocacy and protest organization. Has a tendency to become very popular around elections and subsequently... dissappear.
Richard Caborn Caborn
Eric Ciaramella Ciaramella
Hillary Clinton Clinton“Too big to jail”
Maurene Comey Comeyass. US attorney, Southern District of New York
John Diefenbaker DiefenbakerA Canadian PM who fought the Canadian Deep state
Werner Faymann FaymannAustrian chancellor for 7.5 years
Porter Goss Goss
Luis de Guindos de GuindosDouble Bilderberg Vice President of the European Central Bank
Robert Hare D. Hare
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
Gary McKinnon McKinnon
Military intelligence intelligence
Neil O'Brien O'Brien
Red herring herring
Pearse Redmond RedmondHost of Porkins Policy Review
Ritual abuse ritual abuse
Saidit less corporate Reddit.
Peter Dale Scott Dale ScottPeter Dale Scott is the early 21st century Doyen of Deep Political Theory.
Tupac Shakur ShakurInternationally known rap musician. Assassinated
Robert Steele David Steele
Ben Swann SwannA US information activist with a background in corporate media
The Pedophocracy
The Pedophocracy/Child sex rings of acknowledged pedophilia elites
Paul E. Vallely E. Vallely
Millie Weaver Weaver
World Vision Vision International
Philip Zelikow D. Zelikow

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