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Employment.png CIA/Inspector General 

Leader ofCIA/Office of Inspector General
DeputyCIA/Deputy Inspector General
Leader of the CIA/Office of Inspector GeneralBoss of the CIA/Deputy Inspector General.

Michael Ruppert termed this job "The #3 position in the CIA"[1] (after director and deputies director). Nevertheless, the office of Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency could well lay better claim to that title.

Official Narrative

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is relatively independent of the Central Intelligence Agency, allowing it to carry out dispassionate assessments of the propriety of its actions.


The record of the OIG shows a lack of meaningful independence, as shown most clearly by the 1983 case of Charles A. Briggs. The CIA Inspector General produced a completely falsified statement - the "Briggs affidavit" - designed to throw CIA/US Deep state operator Edwin Wilson under a bis in the Arms for Libya arms deal. When this was perjury was finally revealed, neither Briggs nor anyone of the many top CIA officers who all knew that it was a lie was subject to any legal action.

The 1970s

The Rockefeller Commission, Church Committee, and Pike Committee all recommended strengthening the office of OIG. Their criticisms included claims that the IG had few staff, was denied access to information and that their reports were not acted upon. The committees' suggestions were not made into law.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Christopher Sharpley1 February 2015Resigned
David B. Buckley6 October 201031 January 2015Resigned after details emerged of the CIA hacking into senate staffers computers in connection with the report on CIA torture.
John L. Helgerson26 April 2002March 2009
Rebecca Donegan22 January 200114 November 2001
L. Britt Snider3 August 199822 January 2001
Dawn Ellison1 May 19981998Acting
Frederick Hitz13 November 19901998
William F. Donnelly1 December 19891990Acting
William F. Donnelly18 January 19881 December 1989
Carroll L. Hauver23 December 1985
John H. SteinJuly 1984December 1985
James H. TaylorSeptember 19821984
Charles A. BriggsJanuary 1980September 1982Produced the mendacious "Briggs affidavit". End date is presumed.
John H. WallerJuly 1976January 1980Successfully covered up the Arms for Libya deal.
John Earman19621968
Lyman Kirkpatrick19531961Appointment date slightly uncertain
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