International Declaration on Information & Democracy

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Group.png International Declaration on Information & Democracy
Parent organizationForum on Information & Democracy
Membership• Christophe Deloire
• Shirin Ebadi
• Emily Bell
• Yochai Benkler
• Teng Biao
• Nighat Dad
• Primavera De Filippi
• Mireille Delmas-Marty
• Abdou Diouf
• Can Dündar
• Francis Fukuyama
• Ulrik Haagerup
• Hauwa Ibrahim
• Ann Marie Lipinski
• Adam Michnik
• Eli Pa
• Antoine Petit
• Navi Pillay
• Maria Ressa
• Amartya Sen
• Joseph E. Stiglitz
• Mario Vargas Llosa
• Marina Walker
• Aidan White
• Mikhail Zygar

These are the signatories to the International Declaration on Information & Democracy, a plan for censorship of the internet.

Coated in the language of "freedom of expression", the Declaration is in reality a project to implement online censorship. By narrowing the terms "The right to information consists of the freedom to seek, receive and access reliable information," where internet platforms shall "implement mechanisms that favour visibility of reliable information."[1] How something is defined as reliable, will be decided by "verification methods", i.e. kangaroo court fact checkers financed by governments and corporations.

Many of the signatories are connected to organizations that are front groups, seemingly highly respectable and independent entities that in reality works for deep state and intelligence agendas.