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Alma materUniversity of Copenhagen
Interests • human rights
• free speech
• “hate speech”

Employment.png Justitia/Executive director

Dates unknown

Jacob Mchangama is a Danish lawyer. He is the founder and executive director of Justitia.


He has worked as director of legal affairs at the Danish think tank CEPOS and external lecturer in international human rights law at the University of Copenhagen. He is a frequent commentator on human rights and the of rule law in Danish and international media.

“Respect for freedom of expression is the hallmark of free societies and the first right to be circumscribed by illiberal states. It is a sad reflection on Europe that the increasing emphasis on criminalizing words that wound, offend, or hurt is the brainchild of the very totalitarian states with which Western European states were locked in an ideological battle during the Cold War.”
Jacob Mchangama (1 December 2011)  [1]


In April 2017, writing for The Washington Post, Mchangama called for Denmark to end its law of banning blasphemy. He noted that, while Denmark ranked first in the 2016 "Rule of Law Index," the country shares a ban on blasphemy similar to that of countries like Iran and Pakistan.[2]

In October 2018, writing for Quillette, Mchangama wrote about the decline of free speech in cyberspace, pointing to recent policies changes by Facebook and Twitter which had previously been strong advocates of free speech. He noted that these companies had previously adopted the American model 'viewpoint diversity' but then switched to the European model of "'balancing' free speech against competing interests". He noted the various inconsistencies in the application of such rules, such as the ban on denying the Holocaust while denying the Armenian genocide remains tolerated. [3]


A Document by Jacob Mchangama

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:The Sordid Origin of Hate-Speech Lawsarticle1 December 2011"Hate speech"An in-depth analysis of the origins of modern western so-called 'Hate-speech' laws in the early post-WWII Soviet Union.


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