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(politician, puppet leader)
Jan Peter Balkenende.jpg
Biezelinge, Zeeland, Netherlands
Alma materVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
SpouseBianca Hoogendijk
PartyChristian Democratic Appeal
Dutch PM for 8 years in 2000s, became PM after his opponent - who was leading in the polls - got assassinated. Single Bilderberger, joined the war on terror, oversaw the decade with the most deaths from terror-attacks on Dutch soil.

Employment.png Prime Minister of the Netherlands

In office
22 July 2002 - 14 October 2010
DeputyLaurens Jan Brinkhorst
Preceded byWim Kok
Succeeded byMark Rutte

Employment.png Leader of the Christian Democratic Appeal

In office
1 October 2001 - 9 June 2010
Succeeded byMaxime Verhagen

Employment.png Member of the House of Representatives

In office
30 November 2006 - 22 February 2007

Employment.png Member of the House of Representatives

In office
30 January 2003 - 27 May 2003

Employment.png Member of the House of Representatives

In office
19 May 1998 - 22 July 2002

Jan Peter Balkenende was the Dutch Prime Minister from 2002 to 2010. During this time the Netherlands joined the Invasion of Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, and the royal family survived an attack by "terrorists" resulting in 8 deaths[1], leading to increased police powers.

During his first run for PM, he was actually trailing in the polls, but won after the expected winner Pim Fortuyn got assassinated.[2] He is known as "a champion of the Dutch-American cooperation", and for the fact that all his coalition governments didn't complete their terms.[3]

Early career

Being born near the Belgian Border, he departed for Amstelveen at 18 for the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam gaining a masters degree in history and Dutch law. With the VU-University being noted for a more Christian approach to science he became a guest professor for the university in Christian social and civic thinking and economics.[4] After receiving funding from the CDA during his time there, he became city councillor in Amstelveen.[5]

A Dutch Political Shift

The CDA-party was a standard part of the Dutch coalition governments from World War 1 up until 1982. Neocons and social democrats formed an alliance during 8 years with Wim Kok that last until 2002 when the Dutch cabinet fell following public outrage on multiple massacres in the invasion of Yugoslavia where the Dutch army failed to intervene or stood down on undisclosed orders.[6] During this time the Dutch labour party PvdA became increasingly unpopular following several surges of multinationals and privatizations, civil unrest in the inner city targeting Muslims - with which 9/11 didn't help, the internet-bubble and the Dutch becoming the leading Dutch supplier of several soft and hard drugs in Europe.[7] In the last week of march of 2002 a new right-wing politician by the name of Pim Fortuyn had completely taken over the polls and was set to win the election. Balkenende was keen to form a coalition but Fortuyn - especially for that time - became increasingly more radical, seemingly promoting the idea of removing the first amendment of the Dutch constitution prohibiting discrimination, calling the Islam a backwards culture, remarking the country was "full".[8]

Fortuyn got assassinated by an activist with shady backgrounds. Balkenende won the election and the remaining Fortuyn party members joined Balkenende and the VVD for the most right-wing coalition in the history of the country, only lasting 87 days. Balkenende faced severe criticism for his "loose" style of leading; most Dutch preceding PMs were known to be absolute leaders demanding little public arguing. Piet Hein Donner was an important spokesperson and became an informal head-figure during this time.[9]

War on terror and drugs

During the 90s the Dutch controversial drug policy became problematic when many European countries raised their sentences as drug smuggling became a problematic occurrence[10]. Amsterdam - already known as a place where paedophiles got tour-guided and hundreds of boys were picked up in local bars in and outside the red light district[11] - had multiple hot spots in the inner city centre where tourists got violently mugged by heroin[12] and XTC-addicts the minute they entered the street[13]. The Dutch drug-policy had a complex system where the limited sale of cannabis was allowed to adults, hard drugs were banned and possession was met with high sentences, but the dealing, trading, residential growing of cannabis was forbidden during all these decades, utilizing a 'don't know, don't tell policy' regarding coffeeshops as selling cannabis was in fact, never legalized.[14] The Dutch seemingly were ones of the first to start governmental massive operations on behalf of a war on drugs.

Good, keep lets go bomb Iraq and Afghanistan with us Dutchies.

Balkenende was met with strong public opposition as Amsterdam was experiencing a new golden age of drug-tourism, but with support from prominent figures as Dries van Agt and Els Borst[15] he tried to gain support for closing coffeeshops and the sale of cannabis all together, citing up to 10.000[16] addicts with up to 1400 being children the Amsterdam Dutch health Service gave. He held this viewpoint until the end of his final presidency. His efforts slowly turned the Dutch in a country where the border-regions and big cities called for invasive laws and operations to reduce or kill the drug policy. Since 2002 the Dutch PM has always been from a party that doesn't support the Dutch drug policy.[17] He oversaw the Dutch involvement in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan in 2003 and the Iraq War and the starting war on terror. First only sending small forces - like in Iraq from 2003 to 2005 - but soon given responsibility of whole provinces of the invasion.[18]

Extraordinary Rendition

According to an international weekly journal of science called Nature Research Balkenende's government oversaw at least 27 instances of the CIA planes using Dutch airports near Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague for extraordinary rendition in his first 4 years. One instance had the final destination set as Amsterdam. Where a possible black site would be remains unclear. The leaked reports and their findings were not reported in Dutch commercially-controlled media.[19]


Balkenende's second government fell in 2006 over the legal status of a Somali-Dutch Member of the House of representatives, Ayaan Hirsi Ali (the current wife of Niall Ferguson). Ali lied about her name and Dutch immigration law had multiple loopholes the Minister of Immigration Rita Verdonk couldn't explain, an investigation and the Dutch Supreme Court concluded Ali was never a Dutch citizen to begin with. Ali was a prolific figure - being the first Muslim MP to switch from the socialist PvdA to the neo-liberal VVD - becoming one of the first female Islam critics along with Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh (both were assassinated, the latter by a member of a Dutch terrorist group threatening Wilders and Ali by name and who suspected received aid from at least one informant of the AIVD)[20] and Geert Wilders (who got a permanent security detail now living under de facto house-arrest). Rita Verdonk got eliminated as this incident destroyed her - outspoken - political career, with Ali going in hiding at several AIVD safe-houses and fleeing out of the country. With all right-wing opponents and figure-heads inexplicably easily murdered, silenced, expelled from politics or in deep hiding, Balkenende secured a third term. It fell during the financial crisis of the 2010s.

Assassination attempt on Royal Family

A home-grown "terrorist" by the name of Karst Roeland Tates drove his small Suzuki car through rows of attendants of the royal parade of Queen's day, killing 7 people live on national-TV[21]. The royal family - having a front row seat - saw the event happening in front of them and Queen Beatrix teary-eyed recited the attack on TV.[22]

The event permanently changed the character of security events, with the Dutch Counter-terrorism Agency being advised to now be the deciding organization for security of public officials instead of the municipality, always minimally requiring the national police, with agents now visiting certain known political dissidents "urging them to stay home", profiling and sending individuals home at such events for seemingly random reasons, or telling random individuals to "go home". [23]

JP got questioned why he took Jeroen van der Veer - the head of Shell for North-Africa among other things deep state - as a member for the Rotterdam Climate Initiative. In a candid and not planned interview, he stated Bilderberg must remain secret and Jeroen is just "a very good friend".


In a big leak of diplomatic cables, Balkenende turned out to be quite active during the Iraq War and Afghan War, gaining Dutch support for joining the intervention in both cases, promising to seemingly back the US for as long as they would be there. The cables called him a "harry potter-lookalike".

The Americans praised him for steadfastly supporting the JSF-project (F-35 Lightning II), an expensive multi-role stealth jet-plane from Lockheed Martin that the U.S. pushed heavily. He only gained support after Pim Fortuyn was assassinated. He kept supporting the program despite resistance from his coalition partners in parliament. After 8 years Balkenende was called the "champion of the Dutch-American cooperation".[24]

In a debate following the national inquiry[25] about joining the invasion of Iraq, Balkenende told the House of Representatives that he would've done things differently in hindsight, another leaked classified memo revealed he had a conversation with Tony Blair, warning of "civil war", and the possibility that certain neighbours were going to get involved in the resulting power-vacuum. The inquiry stated that the Dutch government didn't have a legal basis to join in the invasion noting the AIVD and MIVD were significantly unsure about WMDs, but the Dutch Department of Defence and Balkenende, Foreign Affairs Minister Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Dutch Minister of Defence Henk Kamp went ahead. Balkenende refused to comment on the memo.[26][27] The inquiry claimed full independence but couldn't find some facts regarding Dutch military usage in Iraq or the coincidence that the Secretary General of NATO became the same De Hoop Scheffer who secretly received the US request for military aid 1 year before the other MPs knew.

I don't get why you are so annoying and negative about this. Let's be happy together! Let's say: The Dutch are finally able to do this again, that VOC-mentality, looking beyond borders, dynamic! Right?!.

[[Jan Peter Balkenende to Femke Halsema (the comment was deemed extremely controversial as the Dutch East India Company (known as the VOC in Dutch) was one of the megacorporations in the 1700s known for their extremely violent methods of achieving a Dutch Golden age.]], Algemene Beschouwingen 2006.[28]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/20085 June 20088 June 2008US
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