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The Japanese deep state was reportedly rebooted by the US deep state after the Japanese defeat in WW2.[1][2] The Japanese government took a much more careful line than other countries as regards the COVID jabs.

The Japanese deep state is not yet well documented here.


Japanese culture traditionally emphasises obedience to authority.



20th Century


After WW2, the Japanese deep state was reportedly rebuilt by the US deep state, together with a political party using Yamashita's Gold.[3]


Allen Dulles had a secret meeting in his office 6 February 1959 with Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, a convicted war criminal, and according to Tim Weiner, a recruited CIA agent.[4]

21st Century


In the 2010s Japan underwent an aggressive re-militarization, although the constitution demilitarized the nation.



The Japanese health authorities do not seem to be under such firm control as those of many other countries. They have rejected millions of COVID jabs, which were later admitted to be tainted with pollutants, reportedly metal from the manufacturing process.[citation needed]

A biodistribution study from Japan revealed that the contents of the experimental COVID injections are not localised to the injection site but travel around the body and concentrate in certain organs such as the ovaries.[citation needed]

In contrast to the attempts to force COVID jabs on the population in Europe and North America, the Japanese government explicity declared in 2021 that jabs were not mandatory, and that no one should be subject to discrimination if they had not undergone the procedure.[5]


Related Quotation

Yakuza“Parts of the Japanese system have long relied on Japan’s peculiar form of organized crime – known internationally as the Yakuza. Yakuza syndicates may actually help to maintain a low crime rate, with gangsters keeping an eye on unorganized crime in return for governmental blind eye. But the Japanese case does not come close to the level of criminality of the American variety.”Karel van Wolferen