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(psychologist, researcher, journalist)
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Interests • War On Terror
• CIA/Torture
• rendition
• Guantanamo bay

Jeff S Kaye is a retired psychologist living in San Francisco. He is an expert on current torture and rendition techniques and developments. He writes on torture and other subjects for Firedoglake and Truthout[1] web sites.

CIA Torture programmes

In 2019, Jeffrey Kaye claimed that the CIA carried out two separate torture programmes, one of which was focused on human experimentation. He wrote in WhoWhatWhy that these were disguised so those involved did not notice the parallel programmes.[2]


Documents by Jeffrey Kaye

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)
Document:CIA Experiments on Childrenarticle12 August 2010Project MKUltra
Mind control
Document:Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation Programarticle14 October 2010"War on Terror"


A Quote by Jeffrey Kaye

APA“The military psychologists’ claims of offering quality care to detainees is false. A few years ago, I received documents via Freedom of Information Act that showed that at least one detainee who died ostensibly of suicide at Guantanamo, Mohamed Al Hanashi, killed himself in large part because of a negative encounter with a military psychologist.”29 July 2018Medium
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