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(politician, Pharma lobbyist, Deep state functionary)
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Ahaus, West Germany
Alma materUniversity of Hagen
Member ofAtlantik-Brücke, Friends of Europe/Young European Leaders 2012, WEF/Young Global Leaders (unassigned year)
PartyChristian Democratic Union
Single Bilderberger German Minister of Health, Pharma lobbyist & suspected deep state tool

Employment.png Germany/Minister of Health

In office
14 March 2018 - 8 December 2021
Succeeded byKarl Lauterbach

Employment.png Member of the Bundestag Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
22 September 2002 - Present

Jens Spahn attended the 2017 Bilderberg conference before he became German Health minister in 2018. From March 2020 he directed the COVID-19 lockdowns, coerced mass vaccinations and other measures.

As MP Spahn was senior partner of a lobby agency with clients from Big pharma and medicine. [1] From 2006 to 2010 Spahn was involved in the lobby agency “Politas”[2], whose clientele mainly included companies from the medical and pharmaceutical industries. His business partners at the time were his former office manager and the pharmaceutical lobbyist Max Müller, who is now Bayer AG's chief lobbyist[3]. Since 2015, Spahn has been chairman of the “Health Advisory Board” of the Society for the Study of Structural Policy Issues, a lobby organization in which the Association of Private Health Insurance, among others, is involved. Today it is estimated that Jens Spahn "made millions" with his private business and lobbying activities.[4]

Mandatory Vaccination

During his time in office, the German government introduced measure to make measles vaccinations mandatory for children and employees of kindergartens and schools.[5] Under this law "persons may be denied entry to public spaces, if they are ill with measles, or under suspicion they had been in contact with it and if they can not proof their immunity with a medical certificate." [6]

Social Control

Jens Spahn advocated law to confine and exclude people from social life by introduction of a certificate, to prove that a specific infectious disease can not transmitted by them, a scientific impossibility on its face. [7]

Property purchases

During the lockdowns in 2020 he bought a 1920s mansion in Berlin (described by some as the dream of an oligarch),[8] after he was approached by the electorate at the entrance to the house of his old flat several times.[9][10] The price for the mansion has been reported to be 4,2 million Euro,[11][12] while he earns around 20.000 Euro per month (before taxes).[13] Later on he wanted to get the details about the journalists who reported on the purchase and prevent coverage in general.[14][15]

Vice Chancellor?

He is the vice chancellor candidate of Armin Laschet, for the 2021 German parliamentary election.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/20171 June 20174 June 2017US
The 65th Bilderberg Meeting
WEF/Annual Meeting/201922 January 201925 January 2019World Economic Forum
WEF/Annual Meeting/202021 January 202024 January 2020World Economic Forum
This mega-summit of the world's ruling class and their political and media appendages happens every year, but 2020 was special, as the continuous corporate media coverage of COVID-19 started more or less from one day to the next on 20/21 January 2020, coinciding with the start of the meeting.


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  5. Germany introducing mandatory measles vaccination for kids Associated Press, 17 July 2019.
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