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(Soldier, Spook, Businessman)
John Adrian OHare.JPG
Brooklyn, New York
Died1975/03/23 (Age 48)
"23 March 1975"
Orlando, Florida
ReligionRoman Catholic
A Super Secret "Dark Warrior" who was a Special Operator, CIA Contractor and Businessman.

John Adrian O'Hare (aka 'Jack O'Hare', 'Colonel Richard Gray', 'The Gray Ghost') was a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, a businessman and a CIA contractor. He "upped and died" on March 23, 1975 and is believed to have been relocated to South Africa because of the investigation of CIA domestic improprieties (among other activities) by the Rockefeller, Church and Pike senate subcommittees in early 1975. [1]

Military Career

  • WW II U.S. Army Occupation Force in Germany.
  • U.S. Army in Korea.
  • U.S. Air Force in Florida.
  • Attached to Special Operations Forces (Including Green Beret Units, U.S. Army Ranger School) in Florida and other locations. [2]

CIA career

Jack O'Hare walked a fine line between being a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, CIA Contractor, and businessman. He blended seamlessly between all three activities with ease according to his current needs. As one of the CIA's most successful hidden assets he was in different ways involved with JMWAVE, Dallas, the Congo Operation, Chilean coup of 1973 and domestic CIA activities which were strictly against the CIA charter.


When Seymour Hersh wrote his infamous New York Times story on December 22, 1974 on CIA Domestic improprieties [3], that was the end of Jack O'Hare's life as he knew it. In the beginning of 1975 three senate subcommittees were formed to look into CIA activities and this made Jack O'Hare hot as a firecracker as he was in the middle of it. [4]

Flight to South Africa

After attention from three US subcommittees, O'Hare faked his own death and left the United States and his family and relocate to South Africa, never to be heard from again. The CIA pulled out all the stops to keep his role secret, by employing assets such as the infamous Watergate lawyer Bernard Fensterwald and Military Intelligence agents to help throw the trail off O'Hare.

It is believed a closely matching Cuban was substituted in place of Jack O'Hare's body since several significant facts caused this assumption. One fact was that the autopsy photo was "grainy" and only showed him from the bottom of his nose down — totally indistinguishable. Second was the fact of a closed casket funeral and "no one" ever seeing his body after the time of his supposed death. Third was the attending nurse saying the body did not have typical heart failure indications — plus the mortuary staff being nervous answering no questions and had "no" evidence of viewings or visitors.

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