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Event.png "murder,  suicide,  mind control"
Jonestown (murder) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Jonestown massacre.jpg
DateNovember 18, 1978
LocationPort Kaituma,  Guyana
Blamed onLarry Layton
TypeMass murder
Injured (non-fatal)11
DescriptionThe People's Temple cult, in Jonestown, lead by Jim Jones. In 1978 hundreds of members were poisoned by drinking a cyanide laced drink.

Jonestown was the site the death of almost all the members of the People's Temple cult lead by Jim Jones. Members were poisoned by drinking cyanide laced drink.[1][2]


A 1978 issue of EIR notes that "As reported in the New York Times of Nov. 20, Jones's entry into Guyana was paved by numerous leading figures in the Democratic Party, including Vice President Walter Mondale, Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph Califano, California Governor Jerry Brown, Sen. Henry Jackson (D­ Wash.), and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. All of these individuals issued letters of glowing praise for Jones's "charitable acts" and services to the Democratic Party."[3]

"The articles According to federal records and on-the-scene observation, Jones was running drugs, illegal automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and other contraband on a sufficiently large scale to warrant his operation of a private fleet of pirate ships and a sophisticated pirate radio network."[3]


The event lead to the phrase "drinking the Kool-Aid", although the drink may have been either Kool-Aid Flavor-Aid. The name "Jonestown" is used to refer to mass psychosis such as in stock markets.[4]

"The Truth About Jonestown", TheSOTTReport, Reviews connections between the CIA and the events at Jonestown


Victims included Leo Ryan, a US congressman critical of the lack of oversight congress has on the Central Intelligence Agency.


Mark Lane managed to escape the killing.


Related Quotation

Brian Michael Jenkins“Key in the planning level of any terrorist activities linked to the Guyana horror-show is Brian Jenkins of the Rand Corporation. Jenkins is cooperating at high executive levels with British intelligence in planning terrorist operations, and has taken a key role in planning the cult phase of terrorism. This should not be surprising to anyone who is informed of the background of Rand or its various involvements in creating Jones and other cults. Rand was integral, together with such entities as Israeli intelligence and the Office of Naval Intelligence's British-controlled National Training Laboratories, in furthering the British "MK-Ultra" project run under Allen Dulles's CIA cover. Undercover and other most-reliable sources have given us a hard dossier on a very, very "dirty" Brian Jenkins.”Brian Michael Jenkins
Michelle Steinberg
5 December 1978


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File:Jonestown.pdfessay1985John JudgeA seminal work on Jim Jones, leader of The People's Temple and the massacre at Johnstown Guyana.


The Official Culprit

Larry Layton
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