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Victim oftorture

Josef Trimpert was the third detainee (after Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel) in Camp Cropper to be imprisoned in 2006 after being falsely accused of having ties to Al-Qaeda. The U.S. Army CID investigated Josef Trimpert and later let him go after determining there was insufficient evidence against him. CID also provided details that there was no kidnapping attempt on Ertel or Vance's life that story was fabricated[clarification needed]. In April of 2006 when QRF ( Quick Response Force ) was requested on behalf of Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel to SGS ( Shield Group Security ). U.S. Special Forces including U.S. Navy SEALS showed up at SGS compound located in Karada District , upon arrival at SGS they weren't with any resistance at all . In fact it was Josef Trimpert who lead them to the room where Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel were supposedly being held . If U.S. Army CID were to release the classified documents pertaining to the detain of Donald Vance , Nathan Ertel , and Josef Trimpert . These documents would show that Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel manipulated a lot of information that lead to the arrest of three Americans in April 2006.

Shield Group Security Compound, Baghdad Iraq

Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel fabricated their story that lead to their detention in Camp Cropper. They falsely accused of Josef Trimpert of holding them hostage on the morning of 16 April 2006, upon QRF (Quick Response Force) it was seen that when U.S. Forces arrived there were no hostiles at SGS's compound, when U.S. Navy SEALS breached the room supposedly where Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel were held up, a plume of marijuana smoke came from their room. Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel had hoped that QRF came into SGS's compound guns a blazing killing everything in sight including Josef Trimpert which could have been an act of premeditated murder had QRF killed everyone in the compound for a rescue that was fabricated. Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel plan back fired and they also were detained .

Both Vance's and Ertel's CAC Common Access Cards were confiscated after both were fired from SGS. CAC cards are only issued to contractors who have U.S. Government contracts . Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel claim that SGS confiscated they're CAC cards to hold them in SGS compound that was a false statement as there was no kidnapping attempt on they're lives. The CAC card is highly sought after for personnel working in combat environments, as a person with a CAC Card is allowed to enter American or NATO establishments operating in a combat zone. CAC card allows access to the DFAC ( Eating facility "Chow Hall" ), PX - Post Exchange. Not all civilian contractors have CAC Card privileges while working in combat zones , possessing a CAC Card depends on the contract applicants are working on . According to Donald Vance video interviews , he told interviewers a different story when his CAC Card was confiscated by SGS, mainly that SGS was attempting to kidnap him and Nathan Ertel including making up a story SGS had planned to murder them .

SGS was working directly with MI6 in Basra Iraq, where British forces were tasked to restore stability to that region of Iraq.

Release letter

CIA Connection

Josef Trimpert has been affiliated working as a contractor , under OGA - Other Government Agency in various regions throughout the World focusing on COIN [ Counter Insurgency ] operations.

  • Other Government Agency, an oft-used euphemism for the CIA


Josef Trimpert experienced a different methods of torture - he was subjected to methods used against suspected insurgents: Waterboarding, Electric Shocks, Beatings, Starvation, Stripped Naked, K9 Scare Tactics, Suspension from the ceiling, Tight Space confinement. CID files show that by contrast Donald Vance & Nathan Ertel were subjected to loud music, bright lights & CIA officers walked them blindfolded into walls on purpose. [1]

The US Government can exercise extraordinary rendition where they see fit at anytime without just cause.

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