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(writer, photographer, war correspondent, activist)
Keith Harmon Snow in 2013
InterestsRwandan Genocide

Keith Harmon-Snow is a writer, photographer, war correspondent, healer, small (organic) farmer and activist. A former genocide investigator for UNICEF, he is the 2009 Regent's Lecturer in Law and Society at the University of California Santa Barbara, "recognized for a decade of work challenging establishment narratives on genocide and war crimes."


Keith Harmon-Snow is a recovered scientist formerly paid highly to 'imagineer' U.S. government classified weapons systems, Snow's recovery included bicycling across underdeveloped countries. He has worked in 41 countries, including as a war correspondent in Afghanistan, Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan and Mongolia, and has been an expert witness in U.S. immigration asylum hearings for Rwandans. He held audience with Muammar Gaddafi prior to the U.S. invasion, and testified before the International Court of Justice in Spain, supporting the war crimes indictments against current Rwandan government officials. He is now considered persona non grata in both Rwanda and Ethiopia. In 2009, he was banned for life from Smith, Hampshire, and Mt. Holyoke colleges.


Snow was arrested for civil disobedience at globalization protests, he always stands in solidarity with indigenous peoples. He often facilitates consciousness workshops and is studying Holotrophic Breathwork facilitation.

Snow is currently (Summer 2013) producing a documentary film and book about the politics of genocide, and also working on a book about judicial abuse in U.S. family courts. One of his most memorable quotes is, "If you are reading The New York Times, you are contributing to your own mental illness."

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Documents by Keith Harmon-Snow

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Document:White Slaughter in Black Africaarticle3 May 2013Rwandan Genocide
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A convincing demolition of the official narrative of the 1994 Rwanda genocide
Document:Who pulls Boko Haram’s strings?interview16 July 2013Boko Haram
Keith Harmon-Snow interviewed by Voice of Russia about Boko Haram and the beneficiaries of their activities
File:Hotel Rwanda.pdfreport1 November 2007Propaganda
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