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(journalist, activist, blogger)
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Kerry-anne Mendoza is a writer, blogger and activist. She is the author of the Scriptonite Daily blog.


A website where she writes notes that "she left her career as a Management Consultant having held senior positions in banking, local government and the NHS to be part of the Occupy Movement and has since worked as a writer and campaigner for social, economic and environmental justice."[1]


In January 2015, she wrote a column for The Guardian which began "One of the greatest myths of our time is that public services can be made more efficient if we run them as businesses...". She concluded "A business is not created to deliver a public service, and a public service is not a business. They are different beasts. For more than 30 years it has been the policy of the British government, and governments around the world, to make them one and the same. This policy is so flawed that one must conclude that those committed to it are not seeking social or economic efficiency, but have an ideological commitment to marketisation – with social and economic progress as a lesser consideration. It is time for public service leaders at all levels to acknowledge reality and join forces with patient and campaign groups to bring back the ethos of public service, as distinct from commercial enterprise."[2]


She has published a book entitled Austerity, the Demolition of The Welfare State and the Rise of The Zombie Economy.[3]


A Document by Kerry-anne Mendoza

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Corbyn fans should welcome this attempted coup, the Blairites are committing political suicidearticle26 June 2016Tony Blair
Jeremy Corbyn
Hilary Benn
Margaret Hodge
Ann Coffey
2016 EU Referendum
In these uncertain days after the Brexit vote, when the Labour party needed to rally UK progressives to prevent a right-wing Brexit from the European Union – a small number of Labour MPs have instead chosen to mount a coup against leader Jeremy Corbyn. But Corbyn supporters should be ecstatic, because this opportunistic and ignorant move is an act of political suicide for the Blairites.


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