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MottoSancte et Sapienter
(With Holiness and Wisdom)
Parent organizationUniversity of London
HeadquartersLondon, UK
TypePublic research university
InterestsIntegrity Initiative
Interest ofKarin von Hippel, Michael Quinlan
Sponsored byCarnegie Corporation
University college closely linked to the British military and intelligence community, and similar spooks overseas.

A prestigious university located in the heart of London, King’s College has, in its own words, “a number of contracts and agreements with various departments within government, including the Cabinet Office, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Ministry of Defence.”[1]

An investigation by independent journalist Alan Macleod concluded, while stressing that "this was an investigation into just one department in one school in one college of the University of London".

the links to the highest levels of power were so profound and so manifold that it often seemed harder to find someone in the department who was not linked to military or intelligence communities. Thus, one could be forgiven for mistaking the Department of War Studies for a department of war mongers.[2]


A 2009 study published by the CIA spoke of how beneficial it can be to "use universities as a means of intelligence training," noting that, "exposure to an academic environment, such as the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, can add several elements that may be harder to provide within the government system."[2]

An 2018 report, "Weaponizing news: RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation"[3] analyzes Russian state-backed media outlets and accuses them of carrying out a campaign of "information-psychological warfare" over its coverage of contentious events such as the alleged Skripal poisoning and the wars in Ukraine and Syria. While praising the work of Bellingcat and disinfo outlet Prop or Not, it concludes by advising that the West must "use technical means to prevent propaganda."[2]

In 2013, former Secretary of Defence and former CIA Director, Leon Panetta, visited the Department of War Studies, where he expressed his gratitude to the unit. "I deeply appreciate the work that you do to train and to educate our future national security leaders, many of whom are in this audience," he said, before adding that it was those young leaders who must ensure that NATO had the creativity, innovation and the commitment to develop and share capabilities in order to meet future security threats, citing the need to expand into tech, surveillance and cyberwarfare.[4]

Department of War Studies

There exists a strong overlap between the staff of the Department of War Studies and the British deep state. Professor John Gearson, for example, was principal defence policy adviser to the Defense Select Committee at the House of Commons, a senior adviser to the Ministry of Defense, and taught terrorism and asymetric warfare to military officers at the U.K. Defense Academy.[5]

Professor Michael Goodman is a current British Army reservist and formerly the Official Historian of the Joint Intelligence Committee, the body that oversees Britain’s intelligence organizations.[6]

Institute of Psychiatry

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) provided more than £2-million to KCL’s Institute of Psychiatry for the years 2013-16[7] for a project which KCL is forbidden to mention in public without MOD approval. The project is managed "on behalf of the Secretary of State for Defence" and is for Phase 4 of a "wellbeing” study of veterans of Britain’s recent military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan". The project began in 2003.

Assange extradition

At the request of U.S. prosecution lawyers, Dr. Nigel Blackwood examined Julian Assange during two meetings in March, 2021. In his written submission to the court, he said that it would "not be unjust" to extradite Assange to the United States. Blackwood, a reader in forensic psychiatry at King’s College, told the extradition hearing in London that Julian Assange was suffering only "moderate" depression[8], rebutting other experts’ findings.[9]

Blackwood leads The Forensic Research Group (FRG) at KCL — and which "explores the complex relationship between mental disorders and crime" — is conducting research which uses data from Phase 3 of the MOD-funded project (see above). In addition, the Forensic Research Group works "in collaboration" with the King’s Centre for Military Health Research (KCMHR) which is part funded by the MOD and was "originally funded by the US Department of Defense".[10]


Groups Headquartered Here

Centre for Defence Studies1990spooky subgroup of KCL
Insurgency Research Group2007


Employees on Wikispooks

John GearsonDirector of the Centre for Defence Studies2007
Anatol LievenChair of International Relations and Terrorism StudiesSeptember 2007
Michael PakenhamVice-Chairman of the College Council20092013End date approximate
Mary Ann SieghartVisiting ProfessorApril 2020


Carnegie CorporationEstablished by Andrew Carnegie in 1911, with large grants especially to form the education sector. Lots of grants to "security" think tanks too.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Stephen Alley14 February 18766 April 1969SpookBritish intelligence officer who was part of the plot to assassinate Grigori Rasputin.
Andrew AshdownPriest
Joseph Ball1 September 188510 July 1961UKSpook
Deep state operative
British spook who forged the Zinoviev Letter to bring down the first British Labour Party government in 1924. "Ball also had a keen understanding of the dark arts of political manipulation, a readiness to use all means at his disposal and an ability to keep himself out of the limelight... he knew how to lie and how to keep a secret."
Martin Bashir19 January 1963Journalist
Howard BodySoldier
Deep state operative
A "senior executive at Porton Down" whose name appears on Document:CND Gen list 2, exposed by the Integrity Initiative/Leak/4.
Nick Bostrom10 March 1973SwedenPhilosopherSweden philosopher who first attended the Bilderberg in 2019.
Prince Mateen of Brunei10 August 1991BruneiRoyaltyPrince of Brunei. WEF/Young Global Leaders/2023.
Alexander Carlile12 February 1948UKLawyer
Lord Carlile12 February 1948UKLawyer
Douglas Carswell3 May 1971PoliticianA former Tory who was UKIP's sole representative in Parliament before becoming an Independent MP
Richard Doll28 October 191224 July 2005UKDoctor
Key Opinion Leader
Lionized medical expert who received large consultancy fees from Monsanto and other chemical companies for more than 20 years while "investigating" cancer risks in the industry.
Robert DoverNovember 1977UKAcademic
Deep state operative
UK academic with a special interest in UK/Western intelligence agencies. Institute for Statecraft, as is at least one of his graduate students. His name had been removed from the IfS website by 10 January 2019.
John GearsonMarch 1963AcademicTerrorism expert at King's College London,
Christopher GeidtAugust 1961
John Glen1 April 1974UKPoliticianBritish conservative politician and Accenture consultant, with significant business ties.
Colleen GraffyUSSpook
US spook and propagandist
Emine IbrahimPolitician
Augustus JaspertUKDiplomatBritish diplomat and Private Secretary to the UK Prime Minister 2012-2014
Michael KeeganJuly 1962Civil servant
PhD candidate
Zafrulla Khan6 February 18931 September 1985PakistanProponent of Pakistan, Bilderberger
John MacGregor4 February 1937PoliticianGiven responsibility for the privatisation of British Rail
Fiona Mactaggart12 September 1953UKPolitician
Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens1984USPropagandist
Susan Michie19 June 1955UKScientistCOVID 19 scientist. A promoter of the harshest of lockdown measures.
Carl MillerJournalist
Integrity Initiative UK Cluster outer core member
Alfred Milner23 March 185413 May 1925UKDiplomat
Deep politician
A deep politician of singular importance in the UK Deep state of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Peter Neumann4 December 1974GermanAcademic
"Terror expert"
Spooky "terror expert", ACG YGL/2012
Rick NoackGermanJournalist
Journalist for the Washington Post and other commercially-controlled media. Took a master's degree in Terrorism, Security and Society from the very spooky King's College London in 2017
Sarah Olney1977UKPolitician
Lucy Powell10 October 1974UKPoliticianLabour MP, frontbencher under Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer. "Social media anti-vax misinformation is a matter of life or death"
Albert René16 November 193527 February 2019SeychellesPoliticianPresident of Seychelles from 1977 to 2004 from the country's sole legal political party. Survived a 1981 Seychelles coup attempt organised by the South African Institute for Maritime Research
Adam RutlandMay 1978UKDiplomatDiplomat mentioned multiple times in the Integrity Initiative Leak.
Jonathan Sacks8 March 19487 November 2020UK
Victoria Sheppard-JonesLawyer
British barrister with considerable experience in cases of complex and lengthy fraud, people trafficking, exploitation, drugs, firearms, serious violence and serious sexual crime.
Tim Sweijs1980NetherlandsAcademicThe director of research of Dutch think tank HCSS since 2018. Has an intense interest in "killer robots" and lethal autonomous weapons. Warned along with Clingendael for a new 9-11 situation to come from Covid-19.
Kay Swinburne8 June 1967UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Desmond Tutu7 October 193126 December 2021
Sidney Webb13 July 185913 October 1947UK
Gary WilkinsonMilitary
Elizabeth Wilmshurst28 August 1948UKLawyerLegal Adviser at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who resigned in the run-up to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.
Asma al-Assad11 August 1975Syria
Asma al-Assad
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