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Publication.png Langemann Papers
Typecollection of reports
Publication date1982
Exposed byHans Langemann
SubjectsKurt Georg Kiesinger,  BND,  Oktoberfest Bombing
SourceLe Cercle
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A famous leak of documents from Le Cercle by a respected senior BND officer.


Hans Langemann's revelations fit in the bigger picture of BND's internal opposition to the supranational rightwing intelligence network 'Le Cercle'. Strauß, a key figure of 'Le Cercle' is quoted by his son Max Strauß: "He hated Langemann". Langemann's papers and tapes countered many of the known goals of 'Le Cercle': it touched on Strauß' connection to the Vatican (Opus Dei), his weapons deals, machinations to destabilize left wing governments like Olaf Palme, Kreisky and Willy Brandt and mentioned support for right wing paramilitary groups.

Langemann's tapes recorded for the German magazine Konkret have never been fully disclosed.[citation needed] Counterspy reported in 1982 that Konkret hinted about the unpublished material that it would contain: "information about the BND's network of journalist agents".[1] Other revelations included:[2][3]

Le Cercle

The Langemann Papers exposed two meetings of Le Cercle and suggested that it was involved in the establishment of the Shield committee.

BND and Vatican

  • The German secret service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) spied on the Vatican (operation "EVA 102") and
  • Vienna Archbishop Franz König ("Aktion Kardinal")


The BND spied on:-

Spying on Willy Brandt

  • Langemann was BND-Führer of agent Susanne Sievers, who told the story about her affair with Willy Brandt in an immediately prohibited book: Da war auch ein Mädchen. Brandt was a target for destabilisation because of his overture to 'the other Germany' through Ostpolitik. Susanne Sievers made a quick career in the BND and was paid off to the tune of 320,000 DeutscheMarks after quitting the job.

Oktoberfest Bombing 1980

German arms deals

  • The BND supported German companies' arms deals, at a time when Germany wanted to hide these deals because of its Nazi past.


The Langemann papers are quoted extensively in:

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