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A list of Le Cercle visitors by birth year



Konrad Adenauer5 January 187619 April 1967GermanGerman (deep?) politician, CDU leader



Robert Schuman29 June 18864 September 1963French deep state operative



Jean Monnet9 November 188816 March 1979FranceFrench deep state operative, Le Cercle, the most powerful man in France without a ministerial office.



Antoine Pinay30 December 189113 December 1994FranceMulti-Bilderberg French deep politician, chairman and eponymous head of the Pinay Cercle



George Meany16 August 189410 January 1980US



Reinhard Gehlen3 April 19028 June 1979German



Adolf W. Schmidt13 September 190417 December 2000USSpooky diplomat, Le Cercle, 1965 Bilderberg



Francis Lacoste27 November 190528 June 1993FranceFrench diplomat and visitor to Le Cercle



Charles Malik190628 December 1987Lebanon



Alphons Horten9 November 19071 December 2003German
Carlo Pesenti190720 September 1984ItalyBy inviting David Rockefeller, Pesenti lead to Le Cercle to having regular US meetings.



Nelson Rockefeller8 July 190826 January 1979US



Alain Poher17 April 19099 December 1996FranceFrench president



Robert Anderson4 June 191014 August 1989USLe Cercle, Bilderberg,
Florimond Damman1910July 1979BelgiumA Belgian deep state operative who was closely involved with Le Cercle.
António de Spínola11 April 191013 August 1996Portugal
Harold Taswell14 February 19101992South AfricaSouth African diplomat who attended Le Cercle
Peter Tennant29 November 191022 December 1996UK



Georges Albertini13 May 191130 March 1983FranceFrench deep state operative. Man-behind-the-scenes for many politicians.
Pierre Gallois29 June 191124 August 2010France"Father of the French atom bomb", Bilderberg, Le Cercle



Otto von Habsburg20 November 19124 July 2011German
Austrian deep politician, connected to Le Cercle, Opus Dei, Knights of Malta ...
Henry Jackson31 May 19121 September 1983USSuspected deep state operative who attended 3 Bilderbergs in the 1960s and spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism on "Terrorism as a Weapon in International Politics".



William Casey13 March 19136 May 1987USRonald Reagan's campaign manager, who was appointed Director of Central Intelligence.
Alberto Giovannetti19131989Italy
Richard Nixon9 January 191322 April 1994USA relatively independent US president who may have been removed from power because he was planning to expose the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.



Dirk W. R. Hertzog1 December 19141991Manager in the tobacco and industrial conglomerate Rembrandt Group
William Wilson3 November 19145 December 2009US



Kaúlza de Arriaga18 January 19152 February 2004Portugal
Alexandre Ribeiro da Cunha13 January 19151983PortugalA Portuguese diplomat who went to a meeting of Le Cercle in US in December 1973.
Pop Fraser6 April 191518 December 1994South AfricaSouth African military commander who attended Le Cercle.
David Rockefeller12 June 191520 March 2017USUS deep politician. CFR founder. Only person to attend over 50 Bilderberg meetings.
Franz Josef Strauß6 September 19153 October 1988GermanA deep politician and politician, a known attendee of Le Cercle, accused in connection with the Lockheed bribery scandals.
John Vorster13 December 191510 September 1983South AfricaSouth African politician, Le Cercle



Alfredo Sánchez Bella2 October 191624 April 1999SpainSpanish spook and possible deep politician
Nicholas Elliott15 November 191613 April 1994UKA key spook with a wide range of connections.
Brand Fourie1916July 2008South Africa
Pierre Messmer20 March 191629 August 2007FranceFrench Gaullist politician an PM who attended Le Cercle
Günter Poser23 September 19163 June 2003German
Anton Rupert4 October 191618 January 2006South AfricaSouth African billionaire businessman with a multitude of deep political connections
Marshall Shulman8 April 191621 June 2007USAttended the 1964 and 1984 Bilderbergs, Le Cercle



Franz Josef Bach4 February 19173 August 2001GermanA leading German member of the Cercle, who organised the 1982 meeting in Wildbad Kreuth.
Francisco Bulnes8 August 191728 October 1999Chile
James Critchfield30 January 191722 April 2003Senior CIA spook who handled Reinhard Gehlen. Then Near East Division Chief from 1959 to 1969 where he arranged a coup in Iraq. Le Cercle
Indira Gandhi19 November 191731 October 1984IndiaLe Cercle
Bruno Heck20 January 191716 September 1989German
Richard G. Stilwell24 February 191725 December 1991US



John Biggs-Davison7 June 191817 September 1988UKUK politician who attended Le Cercle
Brian Crozier4 August 19184 August 2012UKArch espionage insider who founded his own intelligence agency
François de Grossouvre29 March 19187 April 1994FranceThe spook in charge of Operation Gladio in France.
Crosby Kelly19181986USSpooky US businessman known as a public relations pioneer. Attended Le Cercle
Neil McLean28 November 191817 November 1986UK
Franz-Josef Schulze18 September 191831 January 2005German



Julian Amery27 March 19193 September 1996UKMI6, deep politician who chaired Le Cercle for several years.
Giulio Andreotti14 January 19196 May 2013Italy"The ultimate insider of Italian political life", who as Italian Prime Minister publicly confirmed the existence of Operation Gladio
Álvaro Gomez-Hurtado8 May 19192 November 1995ColombiaSpooky Colombian diplomat who attended Le Cercle. Assassinated in 1995
Alun Gwynne Jones5 December 191910 January 2020UKUK politician, Cercle visitor, the only person who spoke more than once at the JCIT
John Killick18 November 191912 February 2004Spooky UK diplomat
Robert H. Knight27 February 191928 September 2006USChair of the New York Fed, Le Cercle.
Chester A. Nagle18 June 191920 January 2001US
Philippe de Weck2 January 191911 December 2009Switzerland



Andrew Cavendish2 January 19203 May 2004UK
William Colby4 January 192027 April 1996USCIA boss who maybe became too loose-mouthed, died in suspicious circumstances
Jost Pfeiffer29 December 192014 January 2010GermanGerman industrialist who attended Le Cercle in 1983



Magdeleine Anglade5 July 192125 March 1998France
Ronald Grierson6 August 192123 October 2014UKSpooky financier/businessman
Stephen Hastings4 May 192110 January 2005UKMI6 agent member of Shield
Fred Luchsinger9 July 19219 May 2009SwitzerlandNewspaper editor, Le Cercle
Alexandre de Marenches7 June 19212 June 1995France
Alois Mertes29 October 192116 June 1985GermanSpooky German who attended the Bilderberg and Le Cercle. Aide to German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher
Robert du Plooy5 July 1921South AfricaSouth African deep state operative/diplomat who attended Le Cercle in South Africa in 1984.
William Roth22 July 192113 December 2003USSpooky US lawyer, Le Cercle



Umberto Cappuzzo30 April 192213 May 2014ItalySenior Italian military leader and Le Cercle attendee.
Robert Close30 April 19226 December 2003BelgiumBelgian Anti-Communist spook who attended Le Cercle.
Alain Griotteray15 October 192230 August 2008France
Manuel Fraga Iribarne23 November 192215 January 2012SpainMember of both Le Cercle and the 1001 Club.
Lane Kirkland12 March 192214 August 1999USUS labor leader (AFL-CIO/President for over 15 years) who spoke at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism on "Terrorism and the Gulag". Bilderberg, Le Cercle, CFR, ...
Gerhard Löwenthal8 December 19226 December 2002GermanGerman deep state operative



Peter van der Byl11 November 192315 November 1999RhodesianSpooky Rhodesian politician
Percy Cradock26 October 192322 January 2010UKUK spook, Chairman of the UK Joint Intelligence Committee, Bilderberg 1992, Le Cercle
Jack Dellal2 October 192328 October 2012UKUK property developer, Le Cercle
Aline Griffith22 May 192311 December 2017SpainUS born Spanish spook who was a regular attender at Le Cercle in the 1980s.
Henry Kissinger27 May 1923USUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Federico Silva Muñoz28 October 192312 August 1997Spain
Shimon Peres2 August 19232016
John Shad19231994USUS diplomat, SEC chair in the 1980s, attended the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Bilderbergs
Frank Steele1923November 1997UKAn MI6 officer with African connections who opened contacts with the IRA in the early 1970s. He later moved into banking and attended more than one meeting of Le Cercle.



Robert J. Hanks19248 July 2001Cercle regular, rear admiral,Cold War hardliner
Franz Heubl19 March 192421 December 2001German
Fred C. Iklé21 August 192410 November 2011US
Werner Marx15 November 192412 July 1985GermanSpooky German politician, Le Cercle, Psychological warfare specialist, later leader of the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee
Karl-Heinz Narjes30 January 192426 January 2015GermanGerman EEC politician who attended Le Cercle
John Wodehouse12 May 192426 May 2002UKUK Peer who attended at least 3 meetings of Le Cercle
Robert ZoellyMarch 192415 April 2009SwitzerlandSuspected to have been the Swiss director of the Le Cercle.



Raymond Bourgine9 March 192529 November 1990FranceFrench journalist and editor who attended Le Cercle.
Philip Goodhart3 November 19255 July 2015UKUK deep state actor. Attended Le Cercle.
Eldon Griffiths25 May 19253 June 2014UKBritish Conservative politician and journalist. Attended Le Cercle.
Alistair Horne9 November 192525 May 2017UKUK historian with deep intelligence ties
Donald Jameson19255 September 2007USAttended multiple Cercle meetings and worked for the CIA. Vice-president of the Jamestown Foundation
Ernst Kux29 November 192525 August 2017Switzerland
Philippe Malaud2 October 192514 October 2007FranceLe Cercle, French diplomat
Carlos Robles Piquer13 October 19258 February 2018SpainCercle visitor.
Fritz Pirkl13 August 192519 August 1993GermanCercle visitor, Hanns Seidel Foundation/Chair 1967-93
Margaret Thatcher13 October 19258 April 2013UKThree term UK PM whom the UK Deep State used to push through radical privatisation. "There is no such thing as society."



W. Michael Blumenthal3 January 1926USUS/Secretary of the Treasury in the 1970s, Bilderberg, Le Cercle, CFR
Alan Greenspan6 March 1926USUS DSO who was Chairman of the Federal Reserve 1987-2006
Basil Hersov18 August 1926South Africa"A man with considerable influence". Banker, Le Cercle, Patron of The Institute Of Directors in Southern Africa
Jeane Kirkpatrick19 November 19267 December 2006USNeocon "terror expert", US Ambassador to the UN, Washington Conference on International Terrorism...
Peter Petersen30 October 192617 March 2005GermanGerman politician from the CDU who attended the January 1984 Le Cercle meeting.
Gavin W. H. Relly192610 January 1999South Africa



Harold Brown19 September 19274 January 19 JLUS
Anthony Cavendish20 July 192712 January 2013UK"Leading member" of Le Cercle.
Enrique Gomez-Hurtado10 April 192713 July 2019ColombiaCercle regular. "One of the best bootlicker[s] of Bush"
Filippo Pandolfi1927ItalyCercle visitor
Charles Pasqua18 April 192729 June 2015FranceFrench interior minister who attended Le Cercle
Theodore Shackley16 July 19279 December 2002USA key member of the US deep state, involved in a huge list of deep events from the JFK assassination, Iran Contra, Arms for Libya and possibly also 9-11
Paul Volcker5 September 1927USChairman of the Federal Reserve, suspected US deep state actor



Erik Bennett1928UKA secretive UK military advisor in Oman and a Cercle attendee.
Zbigniew Brzezinski28 March 192826 May 2017USA central US Deep politician, Cercle, Bilderberg, ...
Alan Clark13 April 19285 September 1999UK
Jean-François Deniau31 October 192824 January 2007FranceA diplomat who wrote the foreword of the Treaty of Rome. Le Cercle
Monique Garnier-Lançon12 July 1928FranceFrench deep state operative whose papers lead to a major exposure of Le Cercle
John Leahy7 February 192817 November 2015UKUK diplomat with "a safe pair of hands"
Ardeshir Zahedi16 October 1928Iran



Cornelis Bossers11 March 1929NetherlandsLe Cercle. Major businessman in the Philips group.
Walter Raymond Jr192916 April 2003USSecond generation Cercle visitor



John Barron26 January 193024 February 2005USA spooky journalist who wrote on the evils of the KGB.
Hans Graf Huyn3 July 193022 January 2011GermanGerman deep politician who attended Le Cercle
Ion Iliescu1930Romania
Robert McKinney10 September 193016 December 2021Businessman who attended Le Cercle in 1983, 1984 and 1985
Christian Schwarz-Schilling19 November 1930GermanA former European Chairman of Le Cercle
Arkady Shevchenko11 October 193028 February 1998US
Soviet Union
Bernhard Worms14 March 1930German



Norman Bailey1931US
William P. Clark Jr23 October 193110 August 2013USA friend and aide to Ronald Reagan, US National Security Advisor, attended Le Cercle
Hugh Thomas21 October 19317 May 2017UKUK historian. Chairman of the neoliberal and military hawkish Centre for Policy Studies.



Pik Botha27 April 193212 October 2018South AfricaSouth African deep state operative
Lee Edwards1932USAnti-communist advisor for Nixon and others. Cercle attendee.
Philipp Jenninger10 June 19324 January 2018GermanSpooky german politician
Donald Rumsfeld9 July 193230 June 2021US
Manmohan Singh26 September 1932IndiaLe Cercle
Jürgen Warnke20 March 193227 April 2013GermanA German lawyer and politician who attended Le Cercle.



James Abrahamson19 May 1933U.S. Air Force general responsible for space imaging and the Strategic Defence Intiative. Abrahamson later directed Stratesec, a company which had unparalleled access to the World Trade Center prior to 2001. He was a member of the deep state intelligence coordinating conference Le Cercle.
Frans Alphons Maria Alting von Geusau26 June 1933NetherlandsA Dutch diplomat and scholar in international law. Von Geusau was also an advisor to the Dutch government from 1968 to 1998.
James Goldsmith26 February 193318 July 1997France
an Anglo-French billionaire financier and businessman, possible deep state operative.
Friedrich König19 March 1933AustriaFormer Austrian politician and attendee of Le Cercle.
George Mitchell20 August 1933USLe Cercle
Luc Beyer de Rycke9 September 193318 January 2018BelgiumCercle visitor.



Marie-France Garaud3 March 1934France
Nicholas de Kerchove11 October 1934BelgiumA spook who attended Le Cercle on multiple occasions.
James Lucier1934Cercle attendee, "inside man in the skunk works," as he calls himself, or Lucifer as others sometimes refer to him.
Norman Schwarzkopf22 August 193427 December 2012USAs CENTCOM commander led 1990-91 Gulf War; Le Cercle
Julian Ogilvie Thompson1934South Africa



Mario Buscemi1935Italian?
Paul Channon9 October 193527 January 2007UK
Etienne Copel14 September 1935Former chief of France's air force, Le Cercle.
Tsutomu Hata24 August 193528 August 2017Le Cercle
Hussein bin Talal14 November 19357 February 1999Jordan
Thomas A. Twetten1935USCIA Deputy Director of Operations, Le Cercle



Richard Allen1 January 1936USUS National Security Advisor, Cercle, Iran-Contra...
David Howell18 January 1936UKSpooky UK politician
Antonin Scalia11 March 193613 February 2016USUS judge
Zaid al-Rifai27 November 1936JordanFormer Prime Minister of Jordan. Attended Le Cercle



Nadhmi Auchi11 June 1937Iraq
Cercle-connected fraudster
Winston Lord14 August 1937USFormer Bilderberg Steering committee, bonesman, CFR
Frances Stockdale Symms193728 March 2018



John Browne17 October 1938UKSpooky UK businessman, Morgan Stanley, Le Cercle, Chatham house ...
Robert PfaltzgraffJanuary 1938USHawkish "terror expert" who in the 1980s visited both the Bilderberg and Le Cercle.
Steven Symms23 April 1938US



Benoît de Bonvoisin14 March 1939Belgium"A key Belgian figure in the Strategy of Tension". Le Cercle. His father attended the first Bilderberg.
Jean-Claude Gaudin8 October 1939FranceMayor of Marseille for 25 years, Knight of Malta, Le Cercle...
Neil Peter Van Heerden30 July 1939South Africa
Peter Jungen21 August 1939GermanAt least 4 visits to Le Cercle... Personal assistant to Otto Wolff von Amerongen
Pierre Méhaignerie4 May 1939France
John Negroponte21 July 1939US
Patricia Rawlings27 January 1939
Hans Rühle31 December 1939German
Theo Waigel22 April 1939German



Winston Churchill II10 October 19402 March 2010UK
Wyche Fowler6 October 1940US
Qaboos bin Said al Said18 November 194010 January 2020Oman
Gerd Schulte-Hillen1 October 1940GermanGerman media executive who attended Le Cercle.
Geoffrey TantumNovember 1940UKSandhurst, MI6, Former(?) secretary of Le Cercle
Giancarlo Elia Valori27 January 1940Italy"The current leaders of the 'contemporary Freemasonry'" in Italy.
John Wilkinson23 September 19401 March 2014UKUK Conservative politician who visited Le Cercle



Paul Bremer30 September 1941US
Fritz Ermarth1941USLe Cercle. CIA. RAND
Edwin J. Feulner12 August 1941US
Conrad Gerber19412009Close friend of Ted Shackley
Michael Howard7 July 1941UK
Václav Klaus19 June 1941Czech RepublicThe first Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Cercle repeated visitor
Michael Ledeen1 August 1941USBilderberg, Le Cercle,
Richard McCormack6 March 1941USDeep politician a long history and connections back to Vietnam, Nixon administration, succeeded Ted Shackley as US Chair of Le Cercle.
Richard Perle16 September 1941US"widely considered a core representative of the neoconservative political faction"
Charles Powell6 July 1941UKLe Cercle, House of Lords, Key advisor to Thatcher, on the payroll of various defence companies
William Schneider20 November 1941USAn advocate use of the first-strike use of nuclear weapons. Attendee of Le Cercle



Jonathan Aitken30 August 1942UKUK deep politician, Cercle chair, convicted perjurer
Brian Binley1 April 1942UKEx-conservative MP. Le Cercle.
Norman Lamont8 May 1942UKLong time Chairman of Le Cercle, financier, politician and deep politician, involved in arms and financial deals.
Timothy Landon20 August 19426 July 2007UKOne of Britain's wealthiest men, an arms dealer who facilitated the 1970 coup in Oman.
Paul Weyrich7 October 194218 December 2008US
François d'Orcival11 February 1942FranceFrench editor. Le Cercle



Margaret Beckett15 January 1943UKUK foreign secretary, Le Cercle attendee
Charles Freeman2 March 1943USLong time president of the Middle East Policy Council. Close relations to Saudi Arabia and Iran. Le Cercle, Bilderberg
Pierre Joannon1943FranceHistorian invited to the 1984 meeting of Le Cercle in Bonn
Ed Rollins19 March 1943
Paul Wolfowitz22 December 1943USAn "architect" of the invasion of Iraq, World Bank President



Audna EnglandAugust 1944USLe Cercle.
Evo Fernandes1944April 1988French?Le Cercle attendee, Murdered in unclear circumstances.
Stefan Halper1944US



Michael Ancram7 July 1945UKLikely took over from Norman Lamont as European chair of Le Cercle.
Richard Armitage26 April 1945US"A sophisticated member of the top echelons of the U.S. government"
John Carbaugh194519 March 2006USCercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.
Alain Juppé15 August 1945FranceFrench PM, suspected deep state operative, Bilderberg, Le Cercle
Alexander Karageorgevitch17 July 1945Serbia
Pretender to Serbian Crown with close ties to British royal family and military
Turki bin Faisal al-Saud15 February 1945Saudi ArabiaA former director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, who resigned suddenly, just 10 days before the 9/11 attacks.



Robert Gascoyne-Cecil30 September 1946UKBilderberg, Le Cercle, The Other Club, Ditchley Governor
Chuck Hagel4 October 1946USUS Secretary of Defense, Chairperson of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board
Tedo Japaridze18 September 1946GeorgiaGeorgian Minister of Foreign Affairs who inadvertently exposed Le Cercle by mentioning it on his online biography.
Ronald Lehman25 March 1946USUS expert on foreign nations' nuclear weapons. Visited Le Cercle in 1989.
Herbert Meyer19462019Cold War hardliner, Le Cercle visitor who mused on assassinating Putin
Jaime Nogueira Pinto4 February 1946Portugal
Ron Silver2 July 194615 March 2009US



Hooshang Amirahmadi24 May 1947USIranian American spook who attended Le Cercle.
Stephen Lander1947UK
Dan Meridor23 April 1947IsraelLe Cercle



John Bolton20 November 1948USNeocon US deep state operative who was Trump's National Security Advisor until September 2019
Armand de Decker8 October 194812 June 2019BelgiumBelgian lawyer politician who attended Le Cercle
Natan Sharansky20 January 1948IsraelFormer dissident of the Soviet Union, neocon, Bilderberg, Le Cercle



Bruce Anderson1949UKUK pro-torture spooky journalist, Le Cercle, attended a "terrorism" related conference chaired by Harold Elletson in 2009.
Shaukat Aziz6 March 1949US
Tri-national Citibank executive with "close ties" to the US deep state. Parachuted in to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Cercle member.
Paul Dietrich1949USSpook, Cercle visitor
Benjamin Netanyahu21 October 1949IsraelIsraeli deep politician who has been Prime Minister of Israel
Jean-François Probst8 March 194912 June 2014FranceCercle visitor.
Philippe de Villiers25 March 1949FranceFrench Cercle diplomat



Louis Freeh6 January 1950US"A legacy of corruption..."
Edward Leigh20 July 1950UKSpooky UK Lawyer politician
John Lenczowski20 July 1950USSpooky founder of the IWP



Rupert Allason8 November 1951UKWriter of books and articles on the subject of espionage. Attended Le Cercle.
David Burnside24 August 1951Northern Ireland politician
Julian Lewis26 September 1951UK



James W. Cicconi1952USGeorge H. W. Bush connected insider.
Laura Jordan Dietrich21 May 1952USA spooky US government insider
Hans-Lothar Domröse28 December 1952GermanSenior German Army officer. He is believed to have visited Le Cercle in 1983.
Tim Spicer12 October 1952UKFounder of Sandline International and former CEO of Aegis Defence Services.



Benazir Bhutto21 June 195327 December 2007PakistanPrime Minister of Pakistan
Patrick Stefanini11 July 1953FranceFrench politician close to fellow French Cercle visitor Alain Juppe



Yegor Gaidar19 March 195616 December 2009Russian
David Lidington30 June 1956UK
Marwan Muasher1956JordanJordanian diplomat who attended Le Cercle
Pierre de Villiers26 July 1956FranceFrench Cercle soldier



Alan Duncan31 March 1957UKCalled Julian Assange a “miserable little worm” in Parliament. UK visitor to Le Cercle. As UK Minister, Alan Duncan organised the oil blockade of Libya in 2011.
Jeffrey B. Gaynor1957USLittle known regular of Le Cercle



Crispin Blunt15 July 1960UKSandhurst, Le Cercle, MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee



William Hague26 March 1961UKDescribed sinister Le Cercle as "a political group which organises conferences."



Monika Hohlmeier2 July 1962GermanSecond generation Le Cercle, daughter of Franz Josef Strauß



Mark Garnier26 February 1963UKUK MP who attended Le Cercle in Washington DC in 2018



Greg Hands14 November 1965UKUK politician who attended Le Cercle in Washington in 2018.



Rory Stewart3 January 1973UKMI6, Cercle, Bilderberg, UK DSO, Politician



Urmas Paet20 April 1974EstoniaEstonian politician. Le Cercle