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A website to promote the leaking of information.

A Leak site is a website focused on helping people to leak information. A directory of such sites is available here.


More complex than just posting all the leaks submitted is a limited hangout, in which some but not all of the leaks are published, for example, a misleading selection to promote some agenda, or a modified limited hangout in which a selection of leaks is mixed with lies.

No Endorsement

The list below includes all the leak sites which have pages on Wikispooks. It does not imply any endorsement of these sites by the editors of Wikispooks. If you have material to leak, you may wish to leak it simultaneously to many sites. This page was inspired by this list from 2011, most of which are no longer active. Caveat lector/leakor!



Page nameFoundersDateFocusDescription
BalkanleaksBalkansA leak site for the Balkans.
CryptomeJohn Young
Deborah Natsios
1996 - PresentCryptome is the grand-daddy of anti-authoritarian whistleblower, leak, publish-and-be-damned sites. It was a major source of both content and inspiration when setting up the Wikispooks site. It is highly recommended when researching anything concerning Wikispooks articles.
PirateLeaksCzech Pirate partyCzech RepublicA leak site for the Czech Republic.
Public Intelligence2009 - PresentA leak site which has provided a large number of apparently genuine documents about operations of the deep state, notably reports from the Bilderberg group.
WikileaksJulian Assange4 October 2006 - PresentWhistleblowerInternationally famous leaks site that has published millions of classified and other documents.


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