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Group.png Lebanon   SourcewatchRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Lebanon (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Lebanon.svg
Capital cityBeirut
LocationMiddle East
Typenation state
Interest ofCENTCOM, United States Committee for a Free Lebanon
Member ofArab League, La Francophonie, UN
Religiously diverse Middle Eastern country.

Lebanon was on a list of seven countries which retired 4-star general Wesley Clark (former supreme commander of NATO forces in Europe 1997-2001) stated the US military had plans to invade:

In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’[1]

2020 Beirut blast

On August the 4th, a giant explosion destroyed the port in Beirut.


Related Quotations

Ziad Abdelnour“The end justifies the means. I don't care about how it's done. The important thing is that it is done. I don't rule out force. I'm not against force. If it's an option, it will be an option... I have — we have — absolutely no problem with heavy US involvement in Lebanon. On an economic level, military level, political level, security level... whatever it is. Israel is the 51st state of the United States. Let Lebanon be the 52nd state. And if the Arabs don't like it, tough luck.”Ziad Abdelnour18 November 2005
Wesley Clark“In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’”Wesley Clark2 March 2007
Document:US Planned Syrian Civilian Catastrophe Since 2007“Nasrallah said he believed that President Bush’s goal was “the drawing of a new map for the region. They want the partition of Iraq. Iraq is not on the edge of a civil war — there is a civil war. There is ethnic and sectarian cleansing. The daily killing and displacement which is taking place in Iraq aims at achieving three Iraqi parts, which will be sectarian and ethnically pure as a prelude to the partition of Iraq. Within one or two years at the most, there will be total Sunni areas, total Shiite areas, and total Kurdish areas. Even in Baghdad, there is a fear that it might be divided into two areas, one Sunni and one Shiite...

“I can say that President Bush is lying when he says he does not want Iraq to be partitioned. All the facts occurring now on the ground make you swear he is dragging Iraq to partition. And a day will come when he will say, ‘I cannot do anything, since the Iraqis want the partition of their country and I honor the wishes of the people of Iraq.’"

Nasrallah said he believed that America also wanted to bring about the partition of Lebanon and of Syria. In Syria, he said, the result would be to push the country “into chaos and internal battles like in Iraq.” In Lebanon, “There will be a Sunni state, an Alawi state, a Christian state, and a Druze state.” But, he said, “I do not know if there will be a Shiite state.””



1982 Lebanon WarAn Israeli invasion of Lebanon. They militarily occupied some of the country until 2000.
2006 Lebanon War


Groups Headquartered Here

HezbollahLebanese political party and militia
UNIFIL19 March 1978UN force in Lebanon which also functions an an excellent recruitment ground for Mossad.


Citizens of Lebanon on Wikispooks

Ziad Abdelnour3 December 1960A neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Fouad Ajami18 September 194522 June 2014Triple Bilderberg "terror expert"
Roland Carnaby195629 April 2008A senior spook who was shot by a Houston police officer following a high speed motor car chase and died of his wounds.
Amal Clooney3 February 1978
Brigitte Gabriel21 October 1964
Ziad Jarrah11 May 197511 September 2001
Rania Khalek27 May 1986Journalist
Charles Malik190628 December 1987Lebanese diplomat and philosopher suspected to have visited Le Cercle.
Najib Mikati24 November 1955Lebanese Billionaire. Currently serving his third term as Prime Minister.
Hassan Nasrallah31 August 1960Leader of Hezbollah
Roula Khalaf RazzoukMay 1965FT Editor alleged to be complicit in faking evidence to promote the Skripal affair official narrative
Edmond Safra6 August 19323 December 1999Banker who involved in drug, gold and currency trafficking, money laundering and organised crime, including what became known as Iran Contra. Died in suspicious fire.
Marwan Sehnaoui
Ali Soufan8 July 1971Arab-speaking FBI agent who was involved in a number of high-profile anti-terrorism cases
Ali al-Jarrah1958Lebanese national and Israeli intelligence asset. First cousin of one of the hijacker patsies used during September 11.


Event Participated in

Bandung Conference19551955IndonesiaImportant conference for the global south; participants soon became prime targets for US foreign policy


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File:Horror in Beirut by Philip Giraldi.pdfarticle11 August 2020Philip GiraldiWas it an accident or a warning?


  1. Interview radio Democracy Now, 2007-03-02