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Person.png Loyd Jowers  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(witness, whistleblower)
Lexington, Tennessee, U.S.
DiedMay 20, 2000 (Age 73)
Union City, Tennessee, U.S.
ExposedMartin Luther King/Assassination
Perpetrator ofMLK/Assassination
Confessed on TV to involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King, and was subsequently found guilty of involvement in a conspiracy to kill him.

Loyd Jowers was a bar and grill owner involved in the MLK assassination. In spite of admitted this, and being found guilty by a US jury in a civil trial, he only investigation by the FBI was a single interview 3 days after the assassination.


The televised confession by Loyd Jowers of involvement in the MLK assassination

Loyd Jowers confessed in a TV interview on Prime Time Live on 16 December 1993, to involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King,[1] stating that he was paid $100,000 by a Memphis produce merchant, Frank Liberto to arrange an assassin to kill King.[2] He hired a Memphis police officer[Who?] to kill Dr. King from the bushes behind his restaurant. Mr. Jowers said he had been paid to do so by a Memphis grocery store owner with Mafia connections.[Who?] The USDOJ report that "we attempted to interview Jowers, but he refused to speak with us. ".[1] According to a FOIA request by MuckRock his confession did not prompt any investigation by the FBI.[3]

1998-1999 Civil Trial

Jowers was charged in 1998 with involvement in the MLK assassination. Jowers' own layer did not deny that his client was involved in the conspiracy to kill King. He said he agreed with 80 percent of William Pepper's evidence and disagreed only on the extent of his client's involvement. In his closing speech of the civil trial, Mr. Garrison repeated his claim that Jowers had participated in the conspiracy, but was unaware that the plot was intended to kill Dr. King.[4] He was found guilty by a unanimous jury verdict.

FBI's Lack of Interest

Loyd jowers FBI.jpg

A FOIA request by Muckrock established that in spite of his confession of involvement in the MLK assassination, and the verdict of the jury, the FBI reported having no records about him beyond a single page pertaining to his interview 3 days after the MLK assassination. In 2017, Emma Best termed the FBI's lack of interest in Loyd Jowers "alarming".[3]


An event carried out

MLK/AssassinationLorraine Motel
Officially a US-government assisted assassination!
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