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Founder ofWeAreChange

Luke Z Rudkowski is an activist. He has asked a number of tough questions to deep politicians and others, and posted the results on YouTube.

Independent journalism

As documented by journalist Jonathan Kay, in April 2007 Luke Rudkowski interrupted a lecture by Zbigniew Brzezinski and accused the Trilateral Commission and others of having organised the 9/11 event to initiate a new world order.[1] He has been arrested multiple times[2] and threatened with violence.[3]

Luke Rudkowski has been active in reporting on the Bilderberg meetings.[4]

Amazon censorship.jpg

In 2017 he tweeted that Amazon had deleted all the critical reviews of Hillary Clinton's book, What Happened.[5]

Foiling the TSA

A complete set of 3D-printed TSA keys

On August 22, 2015, Rudkowski used Twitter to publicise a picture of all 7 master keys of the TSA (which was originally published in November 2014 by the The Washington Post). This was sufficient to allow software to be used to create a set of plans to allow 3D printing of all 7 master keys and open any TSA-approved lock.[6]


Regular guest on Timcast.